Global National Report Downplays Palestinian Terror Threat From Jenin

February 2, 2024

In a January 30 news report for Global National, a prime time news program for Global National entitled: “Inside Jenin refugee camp: What drives the anger towards Israel?,” Special Correspondent Daniele Hamamdjian brought viewers into the Palestinian town of Jenin, and introduced them to a group of armed Palestinian terrorists.

Early in the report, Hamamdjian said: “This neighbourhood specifically is often targeted by the Israeli military. It’s where most of the militants were born, and where their families still live. And those homes are destroyed as punishment for carrying out what Israel says are terror attacks.”

With this verbiage, it’s implied that Israeli soldiers enter the town of Jenin and cause havoc, seemingly out of spite and revenge, rather than for specific tactical reasons and in order to degrade the ability of Palestinian terrorist groups to kill Israelis.

In fact, Jenin is not simply a town where Palestinian terrorists “were born, and where their families still live.” It remains a hotbed of extremist violence towards Israel and has been called a “terrorism epicentre.”

During the summer of 2023, Israeli forces carried out a brief raid into the city lasting around 48 hours, where soldiers fought armed groups from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) before withdrawing.

In remarkable footage from January 29, a group of undercover Israeli soldiers entered a Jenin hospital where they targeted three men actively involved in planning an attack on Israel.

Hamas claimed one of the terrorists as its operative, while the other two were claimed by the Islamic Jihad terror group.

Hamamdjian’s report interviewed a number of Palestinian terrorists, including a group of young men, and one man who engaged in such activities when he was younger.

One man who spoke on camera, identified as Abdullah, is a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a fanatical group dedicated to the violent destruction of Israel.

Although Hamamdjian correctly identified PIJ members as having participated in the October 7 massacre, and being funded by Iran, it nevertheless suggested to viewers that the man’s participation in violence against Israel was reactionary: rather than Israel entering Jenin because of a threat, the real threat as depicted by the report was Israel.

As Hamamdjian summed up their worldview: “They refuse to stand by when Israeli special forces raid their camp.”

Later in the broadcast, this point was spelled out more clearly, when Hamamdjian told viewers that “Since October 7, Israeli incursions have been more frequent, and more violent,” before showing footage of clashes between Israeli soldiers and two youth, and saying “two boys, 8 and 15 years old, shot dead in broad daylight.”

While Hamamdjian did not divulge this information, the 15-year-old youth, Basil Suleiman Abu Al-Wafa, was a member of Hamas, which the group proudly shared after he was killed. Israeli troops were attacked with explosive devices prior to the incident which she showed. Without this context, viewers were left with the impression that Israeli forces seemingly shoot youth, ostensibly for no reason at all.

Daniele Hamamdjian’s reporting has been identified previously as being problematic by HonestReporting Canada. A December report on tensions in the city of Hebron similarly presented Palestinians as being resistors, while Israelis were depicted as extremists. The same month, she produced a report on violence in Judea & Samaria (West Bank), which blurred the line between Palestinian terrorists and civilians. In October, she produced a report telling viewers that “Israel says it doesn’t target civilians, but it is killing them by the thousands.”

This most recent report by Daniele Hamamdjian on Global News, while covering a worthy topic, downplayed the ongoing violence against Israel emanating from the Palestinian town of Jenin, instead implying that it is Israel, and not armed Palestinian terrorist groups, who are the source of violence.

Untold by Hamamdjian, Israeli soldiers are forced, out of necessity, to fight Palestinian terror groups in the city, largely due to the Palestinian Authority’s failure to disband and disarm terrorist groups in the enclave and arrest individuals complicit in engaging in terrorism against Israelis.


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