Former CBC News Anchor & Current Journalism Instructor At TMU Blames Hamas Massacre Of Israeli Civilians On “75 Years Of Military Occupation.”

October 9, 2023

In the early morning hours of October 7, hundreds of Hamas terrorists entered sovereign Israeli territory, indiscriminately targeting innocent men, women and children for murder. Horrific videos posted by the Islamist terrorist group show their operatives barbarically attacking civilians whose only crime was being Jewish and living in Israel.

But to one commentator, the act was an opportunity to spread patent falsehoods and to paint the Hamas attack as merely the latest in a tit-for-tat fight between the terrorist group and Israel.

Ginella Massa, a former CBC journalist and news anchor of Canada Tonight until July 2023, when she became a journalism instructor at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), posted on X (formerly Twitter) to her 31,500 followers on October 8, that it was “horrific to see hundreds of innocent civilians killed on both sides in this all out war,” but not before adding: “But let’s not call this unprovoked since it’s been 75 years of military occupation. Agree with the tactics or not, you can’t talk about this war without basic context.”

In a subsequent post, she added that “…the world should be horrified by what’s happening to Israelis today. But we should also be horrified by what’s BEEN happening to Palestinians for decades. Not to say one justifies the other, but at least understand how we got here.”

Firstly, there have not been hundreds of innocent civilians “killed on both sides” in the current war. While the overwhelming majority of Israeli casualties have been civilians, the Palestinian death toll of roughly 400 in Gaza, Israel claims, were Hamas operatives who were killed in Israeli air strikes. To surreptitiously claim that “both sides” have suffered hundreds of innocent civilian deaths is a blatant falsehood.

Secondly, there has not been “75 years of military occupation” of Gaza or elsewhere. Israel has not occupied Gaza in any way since 2005, when it removed all Israeli citizens, soldier and civilian alike, from the coastal enclave. By referring to “75 years,” Massa is referring to Israel’s independence in 1948, and referring to the Jewish State’s very existence as a “military occupation.” Not only is this demonstrably false, but worse yet, it delegitimizes Israel’s very existence.

Thirdly, and most scandalously, by falsely claiming that the unprecedented Hamas murderous assault on Israeli civilians was somehow provoked by Israel’s very existence is a statement of profound moral turpitude. There is no justification or provocation that can possibly justify such a heinous and inhuman attack, and the suggestion that Israel’s existence is enough to spur Hamas terrorists to massacre innocent civilians is repulsive for anyone.

While one may argue that Massa did not necessarily ‘justify’ Hamas’ actions, but merely seeking to “understand how we got here,” ultimately it represents a distinction without a difference. Hamas is a fanatical Islamist terrorist group whose raison d’être is the destruction of Israel. As such, there is no “understanding” to be had with the group for the purposes of trying to equivocate or downplay the callousness and unique brutality with which the group acts against Israeli civilians.

The journalism program at TMU is one of the highest regarded of its kind in Canada, and as a contract lecturer there, Massa’s grotesque post on X raises serious concerns about the calibre of instruction that her students are receiving. Immediately prior to her departure from the CBC, Massa told The Toronto Star that she was leaving in order to pursue media consulting and public speaking engagements. Massa herself boasts at having “over 100,000 followers across all platforms” and of having “an influential social media presence.”

Students and prospective clients should take note of Massa’s post when considering taking her class or retaining her for media consulting services. TMU, for its part, must determine if Massa’s tweet stood in violation of its codes of conduct.


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