UPDATE: CTV Quietly Deletes Antisemitic Blood Libel, Claiming Israel Is Committing “Mass Murder Of Palestinian Children”

January 15, 2024

UPDATE: CTV News has now deleted the antisemitic blood libel it wrote accusing Israel of the mass murder of Palestinian children.

However, this unfounded and hateful remark cannot just be erased and forgotten. HonestReporting Canada is calling on CTV News to issue a public explanation and atonement in light of this outrageous accusation.


CTV News has published an antisemitic blood libel, plain and simple.

On January 13, CTV News claimed that Israel is committing “mass murder of Palestinian children”.

These are the words (and therefore the representative view) of one of Canada’s largest news networks.

CTV wrote these statements and appended them to an interview it published with Danny Glenwright, the President and CEO of Save The Children Canada, in a report entitled: “10,000 children killed in nearly 100 days of War”.

Of all the libels that have been foisted against Israel, none is perhaps more deplorable than claims that Israel is intentionally and with premeditation, committing mass murder of innocent Palestinian children.

You’d think it would go without saying that CTV would appreciate that Israel is doing everything in its part to avoid harming innocent Palestinians, especially children, while Hamas is doing everything in its part to harm innocent Israelis, children included.

But that’s apparently not how CTV sees things.

Watch the full segment below:

The network’s interview with Danny Glenright presented it as being an undisputed matter of fact that 10,000 Palestinian children have been killed in nearly 100 days of war, though no acknowledgement was made by CTV that: 1) These casualty statistics are derived from the Hamas terror group’s Health Ministry in Gaza and that it doesn’t distinguish combatant and civilian casualty counts. These statistics also ignore the role of Palestinian child soldiers in armed conflict and how over 1,000+ errant Palestinian rockets have misfired and struck Gaza killing and maiming an untold number of Palestinian children.

In the course of CTV’s interview which was conducted by Anchor Akshay Tandon, Glenright spoke of the suffering of Palestinian children, which of course is a human tragedy, but he and CTV completely ignored the plight of Israeli children, either those murdered by Hamas on October 7 or those who were injured in the attacks. CTV and Glenright failed to acknowledge that Israeli kids, infants included, are being held hostage by Hamas for over 100 days in horrible conditions in violation of international law. Glenright and CTV ignored the very real trauma and PTSD of Israeli children, many who are now orphans and the suffering of the over 100,000 displaced Israelis who used to live close to the Gaza envelope or along Israel’s northern frontier with Lebanon, evacuated due to terror attacks by Hezbollah.

CTV and Glenright ignored how Hamas situates its fighters and stores its weapons in civilian areas and used dense urban neighbourhoods as theatres of war and Palestinian civilians as human shields. For his part, Glenright depicted Israel as starving Palestinian children, acts described as “grotesque” and “inhumane”, completely ignoring how Israel has facilitated thousands of humanitarian aid trucks into Gaza, while Hamas has stolen aid meant for its civilian population. Israel, contrary to Glenright’s claims, is not “blocking” the passage of humanitarian aid to Gaza. Instead, Israel is inspecting the aid to ensure that weapons aren’t being smuggled into the Strip and says it’s processing the delivery of aid as fast as possible.

Keep in mind, Save The Children Canada is a Canadian charitable organization that has a Gaza Emergency Appeal, but no Israel Emergency Appeal, but why?

Glenright argued that “Any Canadian who has a shred of humanity supports a ceasefire.” In making this cavalier comment, the CEO of Save The Children Canada ignored how when Israel ceases, Hamas fires and that the terror group not only has violated a half dozen previous ceasefires, but that it’s committed to carrying out future October 7 massacres. Importantly, Glenright did not condition a ceasefire on the release of Israeli hostages and disarmament and disbandment of Hamas.

Glenright claimed in the same breath that Israel is violating international law, but then conceded that “At Save The Children, we’re a humanitarian organization, we’re not legal experts…”

Not only did CTV’s anchor fail to challenge his interview guest’s misleading anti-Israel statements, CTV itself published an antisemitic blood libel claiming that Israel and its defense forces are committing “mass murder of Palestinian children.”

CTV must publically apologize, conduct a full investigation and correct this report.


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