CTV Reporter Judy Trinh Blames Israel For Gazans Inability To Leave, Despite Egypt Being The Country Blocking Their Exit

June 10, 2024

A May 29 report broadcast on CTV National News and a May 30 CTV News.ca article by Judy Trinh entitled: “Exorbitant fees get Gazans out with no help from Ottawa,” engaged in unnecessary and unfair demonization of Israel – exploiting a serious story of human hardship to reinforce biased political narratives. Trinh also engaged in numerous disturbingly dishonest, misleading, and inaccurate half-truths and omissions – falling well below the normal standards of accuracy expected of a mainstream news outlet like CTV.

The report, and accompanying broadcast, told the story of the treacherous circumstances facing those wishing to leave the Gaza Strip due to the ongoing Hamas-war – focusing on one family’s experiences in particular as an example.

Trinh stated that “Israel launched a war on Gaza last October in retaliation for the Hamas attacks,” that “Gazans were shot by Israeli forces as they crowded around a convoy of trucks carrying food and water,” and that “mass starvation [has] turned into widespread famine.”

Israel did not “launch” a war “on Gaza,” nor is the current war a “retaliation.” Israel was invaded and attacked by Hamas – the elected government of the Gaza Strip – from which it is now defending its population by dismantling weapons and terror infrastructure. Israel has repeatedly made clear – both in word and in deed – that its fight is against terrorists alone, not the general population of the Gaza Strip.

While it’s true that civilians have been caught in the middle, this is the fault of Hamas as the aggressor in the unprovoked war, as well as the party who deliberately built terrorist infrastructure amidst the general public, using them as human shields. The claim that Israel’s actions have created a famine has been repeatedly debunked, including when Trinh herself has previously falsely alleged it. The only reason food has been scarce for Gazans despite enormous quantities of aid pouring in daily is that Hamas is stopping it from getting to the people.

Regarding the claim that Israeli troops shot Gazans for trying to receive aid, she is presumably referring to the tragic February 29 incident in which 104 lost their lives while aid was being distributed, it’s bizarre that she would phrase it this way – because what actually happened is that a small group of Palestinians attempted to “loot” the aid convoy and “approached” the soldiers manning it to “pos[e] a threat.”

While soldiers did indeed engage and reportedly shot at some individuals attacking them, the large-scale casualties were the result of chaos and a stampede by the crowd, not of shooting. Oddly, Trinh’s concern over unsafe conditions for Gazans seeking access to aid extends only to this individual fluke incident, and not to the repeated, systemic, and deliberate lootings, thefts, grifts, assaults, and massacres by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups. Trinh didn’t find any of this relevant, instead finding an opportunity to remind everyone of one tragic mistake in which some Israelis were present. And this isn’t an isolated incident. Via her Twitter account on March 2 and sent to her 27,000 followers, Tring spread the bold falsehood that: “The chaos punctuated by heavy Israeli fire that killed 115 Palestinians trying to get bags of flour from an aid convoy highlights the desperation of the hundreds of thousands struggling to survive amid the devastation of northern Gaza.”

Trinh also failed to give her readers background as to why refugees are unable to leave Gaza. It is because Egypt has completely shut down its border with Gaza since October 7 – allowing almost nobody to enter its territory. When Israel sought to create temporary accommodations for refugees across the border in Egypt’s Sinai Desert, Egypt responded by building a wall and threatening mass violence against those trying to cross. It is Egypt whose corrupt officials are taking the bribes discussed in this article, and Egypt who repeatedly blocks aid from entering Gaza for political purposes. Any fair, objective journalist would have framed this as a story about Egypt – not Israel.

But that’s the opposite of what Trinh did. Describing the border circumstances, she stated that the Rafah crossing is “controlled by Egypt on one side and Israel on the other.” While this is technically true today, this has only been the case for less than a month. Until the Israel Defense Forces conquered the Rafah crossing on May 7, 2024, it was fully controlled by Egypt on one side and Hamas on the other, with no Israeli presence whatsoever. This means that for the vast majority of the ordeal being discussed, literally the entire duration of the war minus the past few weeks, Trinh’s statement was false.

Shockingly, Trinh also quoted Canadian Immigration Minister Marc Miller who called Gazans’ inability to leave “’the largest hostage taking’ in the world” and mentioned a meeting with an Israeli official as the context. However, she failed to inform CTV readers and viewers that Miller himself clarified that this comment was referring not to any actions of Israel’s, but to “Hamas using Palestinians as human shields.” Why would Trinh once again omit a crucial detail of a story?

Unfortunately, this is all part of a larger pattern with Trinh – who has a long history of legitimizing dubious anti-Israel claims, drawing moral equivalences between Israel and Hamas, running PR cover for terrorist groups and corrupt anti-Israel organizations, and even trafficking in denial conspiracy theories regarding atrocities of October 7.


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