CTV News Windsor Gives Fawning & One-Sided Coverage To Tiny Anti-Israel Protest Representing 0.08% Of Students At University Of Windsor

Nearly 18,000 students attend the University of Windsor, but a loud group of perhaps 15 radical anti-Israel protesters – representing roughly 0.08 percent of the total university enrolment – have attracted media attention from CTV Windsor.

In a May 13 broadcast for CTV Windsor entitled: “Liberation Zone ready for extended stay at UWindsor,” News Reporter Bob Bellacicco didn’t just report on the anti-Israel occupation; he provided a sanitized, one-sided view of the mob, failing to provide any criticisms of them whatsoever.

In both the broadcast and accompanying news article, not a single student was identified by full name, and in one case, a protester’s face is fully obscured by a keffiyeh, a favourite garment used in pro-Hamas rallies.

One protester, identified only as Jana, told the camera that the University of Windsor has “to agree to our demands, and then we can leave.” While such demands could be reasonably seen as being akin to a hostage-taker making demands, Bellacicco nevertheless told viewers that the encampment is peaceful.

Nowhere in the report did Bellacicco interview anyone opposed to the encampment, including members of Windsor’s Jewish community, other students, or even a resident of Windsor, given that recent polling data shows that roughly half of Canadians oppose the anti-Israel campus occupations, while only 30 percent claim to support them.

One keffiyeh-clad protester told the camera that “every single university in Gaza has been destroyed…every hospital has been targeted,” adding that “our tuition money is going to a literal genocide.”

Rather than providing any context to viewers and readers that Hamas, the genocidal Islamic terrorist organization dedicated to Israel’s destruction, has widely embedded themselves in Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, and that by no standard whatsoever is there any “genocide” taking place in Gaza, Bellacicco simply gave a platform to the radical anti-Israel campus occupiers.

Referring to the encampment as “pro-Palestinian,” as Bellacicco did, is similarly factually untrue. The demands include boycotting Israel, divesting from Israel, and sanctioning Israel. The target of their ire is Israel; they are not pro-Palestinian, but simply anti-Israel.

While supporters of the occupations have attempted to frame the demonstrators as noble and selfless protesters akin to those opposed to the Vietnam War, in reality, the reality could not be more different.

Other anti-Israel campus occupations have been defined by scenes of violence, harassment, intimidation, support for Islamic terrorism, and more, and prior to the encampment’s dismantling by police at the University of Alberta, the school’s president pointed out that only a small minority of those protesting were students at the institution.

Additionally, as pointed out in a series of investigations by Warren Kinsella, some anti-Israel protesters have previously been paid to show up to such demonstrations, showing that they are anything but grassroots.

The May 13 broadcast and accompanying news article for CTV Windsor, by news reporter Bob Bellacicco, failed to give any context on the wider hate and violence seen at such mobs, did not interview a single individual opposed to the campus occupation, and simply let the scurrilous lies made by a protester stand unchallenged.


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