CTV News Kitchener Whitewashes Terrorist-Supporting Groups, Gives Them Free Publicity Instead

On May 29, CTV News Kitchener published a news article and accompanying broadcast entitled: “’They’ve endured the most horrific atrocities’: Dozens march in Waterloo to support Gaza.”

In the reports, by reporter/videographer Heather Senoran, CTV’s reporter described a pro-Palestinian march and gave their organizers a free, one-sided publicity platform.

Sonoran wrote, “Demonstrators carried signs and flags while marching down the street. They started in the parking lot at 50 Westmount Road North and ended at (the) encampment on the University of Waterloo campus. The march was organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement and Occupy UW. The group Independent Jewish Voices also spoke at the event. Organizers say they want to put pressure on the Canadian government to help end the war in Gaza. They’re also asking for a ceasefire, two-way arms embargo, and for political prisoners to be released.”

These organizations are aiming for a lot more than the Senoran shared with the public. The Palestine Youth Movement (PYM) is not just stridently anti-Israel, but openly calls for the total destruction of the Jewish state through violent terrorism.

One example is their support of the call “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free”. This statement calls for the destruction of the current residents of that land: Israelis. In a November 2023 article written by the PYM, the authors wrote that “’from the River to the Sea’ is not merely a slogan—it is an undying promise. Each day, the Palestinian revolution grows stronger, the calls for freedom are louder, and we are one day closer to total liberation: from the river to the sea.”

And in the hours following Hamas’ genocidal October 7 massacres in southern Israel, PYM organized an event openly celebrating the murder of men, women and children.

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) likewise denies the legitimacy of the State of Israel, supporting the Nakba narrative and blaming “Zionist settler-colonialism” for all the Palestinian’s woes. They wrote, “Palestinians in Gaza, in every corner of historical Palestine and throughout the world have been resisting the erasure of their culture, land, and lives brought forth by Zionist settler-colonialism.”

The group also, following October 7, endorsed the use of violence against Israel by Palestinian terrorists.

Sonoran neglected to provide any context for these organizations and legitimized them through her whitewashing.

As is typical in pro-Palestinian articles, no context was provided to her readers of how the Hamas-Israel war started, namely with Hamas’ genocidal rape, murder and torture of scores of Israelis, followed by the kidnapping of hundreds more.

And that’s just the beginning. As Khaled Mashal, Hamas’ leader abroad said in May of this year, “We have an opportunity to change the world, and to make Palestine a blessing to mankind, by annihilating the Zionists”.

Israel’s genocidal enemy has forced them into a fight for survival. Sonoran neglected to mention this too. This enabled her to present their aims as reasonable ones. However, once it is clear that Hamas is aiming for genocide, it is clear that a ceasefire allows Hamas time to regroup and reorganize for further attacks, undermining Israel’s successes so far.

An arms embargo likewise denies the reality on the ground. Israel is fighting for its existence. No country in the world would agree to an arms embargo against a genocidal enemy.

Sonoran uncritically repeated the propaganda in telling the public that these anti-Israel groups are asking for “political prisoners to be released.” These so-called “political prisoners” are not political by any stretch. These are prisoners who have been largely convicted or detained due to terror offenses against Israel. PYM glorifies their release in exchange for Israeli hostages.  PYM campaigned for the release of Walid Daqqal, a Palestinian terrorist with blood on his hands, for example, in 2023, while he was still alive.

However, despite overwhelming evidence, Sonoran neglected to question the PYM’s aims or to provide an alternative view.

There is a war and there is suffering in Gaza. Providing context to the war, being clear about protestors’ aims and naming the true instigators of the conflict – Hamas – would bring everyone one step closer to understanding the situation. This could genuinely “…help end the war in Gaza”. However, CTV journalist Sonoran has missed this opportunity. Instead she, supported by CTV News Kitchener, has provided free airtime to groups who support terror.


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