CTV News Kitchener Legitimizes Fringe Mob Of Anti-Israel Occupiers, While Ignoring Any Opposing Voices

June 19, 2024

It seems that no anti-Israel protest, no matter how marginal, will attract sympathy from many corners of the Canadian news media.

On June 14, CTV News Kitchener demonstrated this tendency when it devoted both a news article and an accompanying broadcast report to a tiny demonstration in Waterloo.

The report entitled: “Mennonite group rallies alongside Occupy UW,” produced by reporter Stefanie Davis, showed a tiny rally outside a local Member of Parliament’s (MP) office, showing roughly 20 people in attendance, and quoting multiple attendees.

The broadcast then reported on a protest held by a local Mennonite group in Waterloo, showing a couple dozen participants, interviewing more protesters, including one, Sam Ramer, who referred to Israel’s supposed “occupation of Palestine,” referring to a non-existent nation-state, which at no point did Davis offer viewers any context.

In fact, at no time in the broadcast was anyone quoted or filmed who expressed opposition to the anti-Israel protest and movement at large.

Davis’ accompanying news article was no better

Her article quoted Ramer’s nonsensical gobbledygook language, where he claimed it was important to be “vocal and adamant about our peace values, especially in times of warfare and injustice,” all while saying nothing about Hamas, the genocidal Islamic terrorist organization which launched the current war on October 7 and continues to deliberately continue it by holding more than 100 Israelis hostage in Gaza.

While Ramer and his miniscule posse are entitled to their views, no matter how ignorant they may be, Davis once again gave exclusive and sympathetic coverage to a fringe movement which has been widely repudiated by Canadians at large.

CTV News Kitchener had, only three days previously, produced yet another news article and broadcast on the anti-Israel occupation at the University of Waterloo, which according to news footage, appeared to be home to around a dozen participants, but which the reporter, Heather Senoran, described as being part of a “massive wave.”

More than 40,000 students are enrolled at the University of Waterloo, meaning that the protesters, even if they are all students, represent possibly an infinitesimally small proportion of the total student body.

Senoran, for her part, was the subject of an HonestReporting Canada alert two weeks prior following a May 29 broadcast where she told viewers of yet another tiny protest – “dozens,” according to her report, and where she whitewashed a terrorist-supporting organization, Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), which was behind the demonstration.

CTV News Kitchener is hardly alone in giving uncritical and sympathetic news coverage to a peripheral protest movement, presenting it as both legitimate and mainstream when it is neither.

Despite the illegal campus occupations being scenes of hate speech, violence and harassment, news outlets such as The Toronto Star and CBC News in particular have devoted huge amounts of print and airtime to legitimizing the hate mobs, all while downplaying at best, or ignoring at worst, the violent tendencies of these tiny groups.

News media outlets, even smaller regional ones like CTV News Kitchener, owe a duty to the public to report on news that is relevant and timely. And if they have determined that a small group of illegal occupiers deserve coverage, that is their choice. However, it does not excuse outlets like CTV News Kitchener from whitewashing the deeply problematic elements of these mobs, and seeking to legitimize them with non-stop news coverage.


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