CTV News Gives Group Of 15 Anti-Israel Demonstrators At Pride Parade The Opportunity To Frame Themselves As Victims

Homosexuality is illegal in Gaza under the rule of Hamas, a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization, where gay men have been murdered for their orientation and where “being gay is a death sentence,” according to conflict scholar Timea Spitka of Carleton University.

However, viewers heard none of that during a July 2 broadcast for CTV National News, absurdly titled: “Toronto Pride interrupted by anti-war protesters,” which instead legitimized the inane actions and demands of the anti-Israel rabble who hijacked the Toronto Pride Parade, which is aimed at celebrating Canada’s LGBTQ+ community.

Rather than reporting on the patent absurdity of a pro-Palestinian LGBTQ+ group, reporter Beth Macdonell uncritically repeated the outlandish ultimatums made by a tiny group of around 15 anti-Israel demonstrators who managed to stop the Toronto Pride Parade, and its thousands of participants, on Sunday, June 30.

The report showed one elderly demonstrator, Gary Kinsman, who describes himself on social media as a “queer and anti-capitalist activist,” insisting that Pride Toronto bend to the will of a tiny mob of anti-Israel protesters, and whining that “they f***ing refused” to do so.

While any reasonable observer would conclude that Pride Toronto owes nothing to a marginal group of radicals, no matter how loud they are, the entire narrative of the broadcast was putting the demands of the demonstrators front and centre, and forcing Pride Toronto to defend why they did not surrender to the anti-Israel mob.

It is only after showing Kinsman and another pro-Palestinian protester, keffiyeh-clad Layla Salman, who was part of a group of around six people in a press conference on July 1, did CTV News give a brief 20-second clip of the executive director of Pride Toronto defending his organization for not adhering to the demands of the anti-Israel group.

While the moral cowardice of Pride Toronto in allowing 15 miscreants to hijack a parade with thousands of participants is a legitimate news story for CTV News to cover, viewers were given the distinct impression that the impassioned protesters were let down by obstinate parade organizers, instead of portraying them as fringe radicals whose extremist views presented the obstacle.

The entire episode is strongly reminiscent of the last eight weeks of anti-Israel protests on a few Canadian university campuses, though manned largely by non-students.

In virtually all cases, marginal groups of anti-Israel campus occupiers have been met with university administrations who have cravenly negotiated, bartered and pleaded with the frenzied mob, meekly hoping that it would buy peace, only for the anti-Israel activists to still demand even more.

Despite their obscure numbers, these mobs have been successful at gaining undeserved legitimacy, in no small part because of news media outlets who have uncritically reported on their actions and protestations.

CTV National News’ July 2 report on Toronto pride by Beth Macdonnell put 15 anti-Israel activists, who put their own extremist cause ahead of thousands of others, on equal footing – or even more prominent footing – with Pride Toronto’s attempt to organize a parade for a huge number of attendees.

And even after the organizer cowered and canceled the walk out of fear of the minuscule group, they were blamed by the very people who blocked the parade – with CTV News there to document every ludicrous statement made by those protesters and give them the credibility they so badly desire.


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