CTV News Edmonton Fails To Acknowledge Extensive Palestinian Terrorism In Jenin

July 13, 2023

On July 9, CTV News Edmonton broadcast a news report on a pro-Palestinian rally held in downtown Edmonton, along with an accompanying article covering the anti-Israel demonstration.

The rally was held in opposition to Israel’s recent counter-terrorism operations in Jenin which was carried out in just under two days.

Regrettably, CTV News’ reporting relied exclusively on rally participants, and did not quote a single source with an opposing view, namely one supportive of Israel’s actions. Had these reports done so, viewers and readers would have been informed that Israel’s actions in Jenin were specific, targeted, and defensible.

Furthermore, both the CTV News broadcast and article written by Brittany Ekelund, a writer and digital journalist at CTV News Edmonton, failed to provide any meaningful context as to what took place in Jenin, what prompted it, and who the casualties were.

While the broadcast reported that 12 Palestinians were killed in the fighting, it did not acknowledge that according to the Israeli military, every single Palestinian death was a combatant, and consequently not one innocent civilian was killed.

One need not believe Israel to recognize that the majority of Palestinians killed in Jenin were not civilians, but terrorists. Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the extremist Islamist group targeted by Israel in the operation, admitted that two-thirds of the deaths were its members.

At the end of the broadcast, viewers were told that in 2023, 150 Palestinians have been killed, and Palestinian attacks against Israelis have killed 27 people. However, this juxtaposition of Palestinians versus Israelis killed presents a very misleading picture, making no distinction between Palestinian terrorists killed while actively attempting to murder innocent Israeli civilians, and those same Israeli civilians murdered by Palestinian terrorists. For the record, Israel says that the overwhelming majority of Palestinian casualties in 2023 were combatants.

Neither the broadcast report, nor the article give any background as to why Israel entered Jenin in the first place. The area, which has been called an “epicentre of terrorism,” has long been a hotbed of Palestinian terrorist organizations including PIJ, among others.

Over the last few months alone, roughly 50 Palestinian terror attacks perpetrated against Israel have originated with terrorists coming from Jenin. Such attacks are often deadly; nearly 30 people in Israel have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists in 2023, including seven people massacred outside a Jerusalem synagogue in January, and a mother and her two daughters shot to death as they drove on a highway.

Once in Jenin, Israeli soldiers uncovered a large cache of weapons and explosives used by Palestinian terrorist groups, which were hidden inside a mosque, and underneath, soldiers found a hidden tunnel. The place of worship had been “fortified” for usage by Palestinian terror groups – a bona fide war crime.

Once again, neither of CTV News’ reports acknowledged any of these facts.

These are not inconsequential details. Rather, they demonstrate the extent to which PIJ and other Palestinian terror groups have intentionally embedded themselves within densely-populated Palestinian urban areas, intentionally camouflaging themselves amongst the larger civilian population.

These actions on the part of Palestinian terrorists, essentially using Palestinian civilians as human shields, also serve as a clear and explicit war crime according to the Geneva Conventions.

The CTV News article quotes one rally participant as saying that one of the goals of the rally was to educate the public about the “rights of the Palestinian people,” but the rights of the Palestinians do not extend to being able to dispatch terrorists to massacre Israelis, and conversely, it is well within Israel’s rights to undertake efforts in order to protect its citizens from being murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

Jenin is under the administrative control of the Palestinian Authority (PA), which has been either unable or unwilling to meaningfully address Palestinian terrorism in its jurisdiction. As a result, in order to protect its citizens against such terrorism, Israel was forced to carry out this most recent counter-terrorism operation.

Unfortunately, as long as Palestinian terrorism against Israelis continues, Israel will likewise have to carry out anti-terror efforts. The sooner that news media outlets in Canada and beyond acknowledge this fundamental fact, the sooner that Palestinian terrorists and their enablers can be held to account.


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