CTV News Edmonton And Montreal’s News Reports Blame Israel For Hamas’ Murderous Rampage

Following Hamas’ unprovoked murderous rampage on southern Israel on October 7, resulting in the deaths of at least 900+ innocent civilians, and the hostage-taking of at least 100 more, multiple news media outlets across Canada have begun to reframe the terrorism as little more than a battle between two warring sides.

In one online article posted on October 8 by CTV News Edmonton entitled: “Palestinian, Israeli groups in Edmonton grieve overseas deaths, rally support,” journalist Marek Tkach reported on the response by Edmonton’s Jewish and Palestinian communities.

Tkach quoted local a pro-Palestinian activist glorifying and excusing Palestinian terrorism against Israel.

Mousa Qasqas, a “local organizer for the Palestinian community,” told Tkach that “We need to stop labeling every type of Palestinian resistance as terrorism and labeling every type of Israeli aggression as self-defence.”

This shocking statement by Qasqas that “Palestinian resistance” is not terrorism, is a whitewashing of Hamas’ grotesque murder of close to a thousand innocent Israeli men, women and children. Under no circumstance whatsoever can such a murderous rampage be considered “resistance,” or anything other than bloodthirsty mass murder.

While CTV News Edmonton is not responsible for Qasqas’ repugnant comments, it should never have given him a platform to spew his bile, let alone publish it unchallenged.

The next day, CTV News Montreal broadcast a news segment entitled: “Israel declares war on Hamas,” where the host interviewed Rachad Antonius, a retired professor of sociology at the University of Quebec at Montreal.

During the interview, Antonius claimed that Hamas launched the massacre against innocent Israeli civilians because “they are just desperate to be heard.” Such a statement beggars belief, and went totally unchallenged by the CTV host, who repeatedly nodded in response to Antonius’ outrageous claims.

There can be no moral justification for the wholesale massacre of innocent people, let alone because Hamas – an Islamist terrorist group – was “just desperate to be heard.”

Antonius soon began a wholesale rewriting of history, alleging that “a military occupation” was the “context” explaining Hamas’ genocidal attack on southern Israel.

Of course, such a claim is absolutely false. Israel withdrew all its citizens, soldier and civilian alike, from the Gaza Strip in 2005, and has not occupied it since. Nor does Israel fully control Gaza’s boundaries, as anti-Israel detractors often claim: Gaza’s southwest boundary is controlled by Egypt, not Israel.

Antonius continued by saying that “Unless the international community does not pressure Israel into a real settlement an end to this occupation, we will see this going on every few years.”

His repetition of the brazen lie that Israel is occupying Gaza, and that non-existent occupation was somehow a justification for Hamas’ massacre, once again went unanswered by his host.

Toward the end of the interview, the CTV News host asked Antonius for his “thoughts on civilians being targeted on both sides of this conflict,” demonstrating a profound ignorance of what was taking place in Gaza and southern Israel.

Hamas, for its part, has long intentionally targeted innocent civilians, whether in suicide bombings, rocket attacks, or this latest mega assault. And within Gaza, where Hamas rules, its use of human shields has been well documented, and constitutes a war crime.

Israel does not target innocent civilians, and the moral equivalence suggested in the host’s question was astonishing, coming from a journalist at one of Montreal’s largest broadcasters. Not only should she have challenged Antonius – or not allowed such an extremist on her program in the first place – her question, drawing a comparison between Hamas and Israel – was unacceptable.


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