CTV National News Report Tacitly Condones Palestinian Terrorism Against Israel

There is an adage that in war, the first casualty is the truth. This saying reflects a timeless truism: that in armed conflict, misinformation runs rampant.

Following Israel’s brief raids in early July into the Jenin refugee camp, where the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) entered the Palestinian Authority-controlled town to disrupt and defang the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure, CTV News broadcast a report on July 4th on the ensuing violence that was deeply problematic.

The report, by Ottawa-based journalist Judy Trinh, was riddled with false moral equivalencies, significant omissions and overt bias.

Trinh’s report began by stating that three Palestinian children were among the dead, killed by missiles dropped by Israeli drones, but no context was provided about the incidents in question, nor were any details given about the alleged children, who were reportedly teenagers aged 15, 16 and 17. It’s well known that Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) have cynically used child soldiers before and have widely recruited teenagers in their attacks against Israelis. Trinh’s providing a misleading statement that presumably innocent “children” have died and her failure to mention their advanced ages and how Palestinian terror organizations have confirmed that all 12 fatalities in the IDF’s operation in Jenin were combatants, all who engaged in hostilities with Israel, was a significant omission.

While Trinh did report that a large weapons cache was uncovered by Israel during its counter-terrorism raids, she immediately followed by making the remarkable statement that “Unable to match the might of the Israeli army, cruder methods are used to retaliate,” immediately mentioning a Palestinian terrorist attack in Israel on July 4, where eight Israeli civilians were injured when a Hamas terrorist drove his pickup truck into a crowd in Tel Aviv, and then proceeded to stab people at random. An attack that also saw a pregnant Israeli mother’s unborn baby die.

This juxtaposition of Palestinians’ inability to “match the might of the Israeli army” with mention of a Palestinian terror attack – though Trinh referred to the man merely as a “Palestinian man” and a “driver” – serves only to justify and legitimize acts of unbridled violence against innocent Israelis.

But Trinh’s report was not done yet. She ended by reporting that “analysts say the violence will be repeated as long as Israel focuses on expanding Jewish settlements into the Palestinian territories,” and interviewed Michael Lynk, the former UN Special Rapporteur for the human rights situation in the Palestinian Territories, who said that “…it’s impossible to think that you’re going to continue to expand your settlements… take the land of another people, and not expect some kind of reaction or resistance.”

Lynk, whose anti-Israel animus has been widely documented, has previously spread disinformation about Israel in the Canadian news media, including the fable that Hamas is opposed to Israel because of the lands Israel took possession of in 1967, and not Israel’s very existence – a fact stated unambiguously by Hamas itself in its official charter.

In Trinh’s report, Lynk propagated false information when he claimed that Israel is taking “the land of another people,” namely the Palestinians. In actuality, Israel possesses extensive historical and legal rights to the lands, and despite this, has still offered the Palestinians virtually all their stated demands – only to be rebuffed.

But what was truly grotesque about Lynk’s statement – and consequently Trinh’s introduction to it and inclusion of it in her report – is the clear apologetics at play, suggesting that not only is Palestinian terrorism against innocent Israeli civilians a natural consequence of Israeli settlement policy, but in fact, is almost acceptable.

(Photo attests all 12 men are terrorists)

This repugnant correlation is not only without factual basis as it pertains to Israel’s legal rights, but to the utter moral turpitude expressed by Lynk. According to this twisted logic, because Jews decide to live in their historical homeland, lands occupied by their ancestors for thousands of years, Palestinians thus have a right to target them to murder and maiming?

Not only is this an inversion of history and a moral equivocation between building houses and murdering innocent people, it is also blind to the obvious reality that in the event of a final status peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), Israel very well may decide to remove Israeli communities, but nothing can bring back the innocent people murdered by Palestinian terrorists, enabled by hideous statements like Lynk’s.

One can strenuously disagree with Israel’s policies, but there can be no justification for the wanton targeting and attempted murder of Israeli civilians, and certainly not because Israel decides to allow Israelis to live in their ancient lands. While Lynk’s views are well known, there was no rationale for Trinh to give him such a platform to spew his rhetoric on CTV News and there’s no justification for producing a report which claims that Israel’s self-defence efforts cause Palestinians to attempt to murder Jews.


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