CTV National News Gives Extensive Airtime To False Claims Accusing Israel Of Starving Gazans

March 8, 2024

More food trucks are entering the Gaza Strip now than before October 7.

That incredible fact, widely ignored by news media outlets who instead present an image of famine in Gaza, remains nevertheless true, but viewers of CTV National News on March 6 could be forgiven for thinking that the population of Gaza is receiving little to no humanitarian aid, all because of Israel.

The CTV segment produced by correspondent Judy Trinh, a reporter who has previously tacitly condoned Palestinian terrorism against Israel, told viewers that there are “millions of people who don’t have enough food and can’t access food.”

What Trinh ignored is that prior to the current war, which began on October 7 when Hamas terrorists invaded southern Israel and carried out a mass campaign of murder, torture, rape and kidnapping, an average of 70 food trucks entered Gaza, a number that on March 6, the date of her broadcast, rose to nearly 260.

But that does not mean all aid is reaching the people of Gaza.

In her broadcast, which featured clips of two individuals accusing Israel of misdeeds (and no opposing voices), Trinh never acknowledged the truth – apparently widely known to the people of Gaza, but rarely admitted by the news media – that Hamas terrorists are stealing aid earmarked for Gaza’s population.

Trinh told viewers that “humanitarian groups say their trucks are being blocked at the border crossings by Israel,” without elaborating on any details.

Had Trinh provided more details, she could have reported that COGAT, Israel’s administrator overseeing the delivery of international aid, states explicitly daily that “there is no limit” to the amount of aid that can be delivered to Gaza.

While Israel must inspect trucks to ensure they are not being used by Hamas terrorists to smuggle weapons, Israel has repeatedly called upon other parties, namely the United Nations, to coordinate more deliveries, pointing out that the world body refuses to implement 30 percent of approved deliveries.

This did not stop Trinh from mindlessly repeating talking points by so-called “human rights activists,” who she said “are calling on Canada to push Israel to let in more aid by introducing sanctions.”

Pivoting to UNRWA, the disgraced United Nations agency with a long track record of ties to Palestinian terrorism, Trinh reported that Israel “hasn’t provided evidence” linking staffers of the organization to Hamas’ October 7 massacres. This is an outright falsehood. As has been widely reported, footage was released showing how the body of Jonathan Samerano which was seized and taken to the Gaza Strip by an UNRWA employee after he was killed by Hamas terrorists on October 7. Or, consider how the IDF released audio recordings that it says incriminate two of the now 14 UNRWA employees who allegedly participated in the Hamas-led October 7 onslaught.

However, the depth of UNRWA’s depravity goes far deeper than one day.

For years, the agency has poisoned an entire generation of Palestinian school children by presenting antisemitic incitement in UNRWA-run schools, and has perpetuated the suffering of Palestinians by promoting the destruction of Israel.

Israel says as many as 10 percent of UNRWA staff in Gaza are members of a Palestinian terror group, and in perhaps the most shocking example of the group’s connection to Hamas, in February, Israel released footage showing a Hamas data centre directly underneath UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza, all details that Trinh opted to thoroughly ignore in her broadcast.

Furthermore, first-hand video footage from Gaza shows that, at least in some areas, bustling markets filled with food exist, directly contradicting the apocalyptic images presented in many newscasts.

Not an isolated incident. On March 2, Judy Trinh authored the following tweet:

Untold by Ms. Trinh, Israel claims that the overwhelming majority of the Palestinian casualties occurred due to a stampede in the crowd’s pursuit of humanitarian aid, and as Israel contends, that the aid trucks tragically ran over these Palestinians. Israel strenuously denies allegations made by the Hamas terror group that its forces shot and killed more than 115 Palestinians, of which, Ms. Trinh reported as an undisputed fact.

As well, in her March 1 article entitled: “Situation in Gaza amounts to ‘the largest hostage taking’ in the world, says Miller,” Judy Trinh stated the following about remarks attributed to Mark Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada:

“But Miller says he’s hesitant to expand the program out of concern it will entertain “false hope,” given that the Israelis are allowing so few foreign nationals to exit the war zone.”

Ms. Trinh failed to respond to HonestReporting Canada’s request that she and CTV News substantiate this claim that she attributed to Mr. Miller. Specifically, that he’s hesitant to expand the program on the basis that Israel has only allowed a few foreign nationals (IE Canadians) to exit.

Back to the March 6 broadcast of CTV National News, it gave full and uncritical repetitions of anti-Israel talking points which baselessly accused Israel of stopping aid to Gaza, all while wholly ignoring the mountain of evidence showing those claims to be nonsensical and it was further marred by her failure to acknowledge evidence Israel has released showing UNRWA employees complicit in Hamas’ October 7 attacks.


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