CTV Kitchener Publishes Non-Stop Play-By-Play Of Fringe Anti-Israel Group, Bestowing Them Undeserved Credibility

June 25, 2024

A tiny group of anti-Israel protesters in Waterloo keep getting free publicity from CTV News Kitchener.

In a June 18 report, Heather Senoran and Stephanie Davis, videographers for CTV News Kitchener, covered Occupy UW, the anti-Israel group behind the occupation at the University of Waterloo.

In the article and accompanying video entitled: “People certainly were scared: University of Waterloo reacts after Occupy UW disrupts meeting,” they detail Occupy UW’s latest tactic of demonstrating outside the University of Waterloo’s board meeting, the demands and statements that they made, and the University’s response.

Senoran wrote, “The group set up an encampment on campus May 13, as part of a massive wave of pro-Palestinian demonstrations at post-secondary institutions across Canada and the United States. In videos sent from Occupy UW, a tent set up at the door of the meeting can be seen, and the group is heard chanting.”

The article continued by quoting a press release from Occupy UW, which claimed: “This action follows weeks of bad faith engagements, refusals to negotiate, lies, and repeated smears about the encampment.”

By providing play-by play media coverage to the encampment’s latest antics, Senoran is legitimizing a fringe group of anti-Israel protests. This is the third article involving Occupy UW which Senoran has written in ten days. In so doing, she has provided them free publicity, amplifying their message. The sit-in reported on was composed of only dozens of protestors, repeating their tired anti-Israel demands yet again. They are a miniscule fraction of the over 38,000 enrolled students at the University of Waterloo. but their tiny status is not focused on, instead, the gravitas that the CTV Kitchener team provided validates their existence and makes them seem far more significant than they are.

A recent poll was conducted by Leger for the Association for Canadian Studies to assess Canadian support of the encampments, finding that only 19 percent of Canadians support these protestors. However, from the media attention given, one would assume it was far higher.

Senoran and Davis also neglected to mention the dangerous aspects of these protests. Occupy UW has called for “Intifada” and “Global resistance”. While Intifada in Arabic translates as uprising, it references two periods in Israel where Palestinians waged an Intifada characterized by murderous violence, including suicide bombings in civilian locations like bus stops, cafes, and the like. A call for Intifada is a call for violence against Jews. Global resistance might be sanctioning it globally.

Additionally, in the video Davis showed, Occupy UW’s sign is visible. It consists of a photo of the President of the University of Waterloo – Vivek Goel, and the repeated slogan, “Genocide Goel”. This is a two for the price of one – vilification of a staff member together with an accusation against Israel. Yet the view that Hamas are the genocidal ones is not mentioned.

Accusations of Israeli genocide are usually based on the casualty figures released by the Gaza Health Ministry which is controlled by Hamas terrorists. They do not distinguish between fighters and combatants and include deaths by natural causes. In fact, they have been thoroughly debunked, with researchers pointing out that they increase with a regularity impossible in a war zone, and more.

The reality is that Hamas are the genocidal ones. They are transparent about it, stating their intent to annihilate the Jews from Israel in their charter. Hamas officials are also blunt about it with Ghazi Hamad, for example, clearly stating their intent to repeat October 7th endlessly.

Airtime devoted to Occupy UW needs to be reconsidered. And if marginal anti-Israel protests have to be reported on, CTV Kitchener’s readership deserves to be provided with a balanced view of the issues mentioned.


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