CTV Interviews UNRWA Representative Who Says Israel’s Efforts To Minimize Civilian Casualties Have Caused “Panic And Anxiety”

A May 13 broadcast of Your Morning, a CTV program, interviewed Louise Wateridge of UNRWA, the disgraced United Nations agency with ties to Palestinian terrorism, for her thoughts on Israel’s counter-terrorism operations in the Gaza region of Rafah.

The segment entitled: “Humanitarian corridor desperately needed in Rafah,” featured Wateridge telling her host that Israel’s recent evacuation order in Rafah, which informed civilians in the area of Israel’s expected military operations, had “caused panic and anxiety” among the population.

Wateridge described the mood in Rafah as “eerie” and “scary,” adding that “the speed at which people have had to flee for their lives is something I struggle to explain.”

What Wateridge struggled to explain is in actuality quite straightforward: Israel’s providing of advance warning of counter-terrorism operations represents a laudable and virtually unheard-of step among militaries, which is aimed at minimizing civilian casualties in an urban warzone, even as Hamas, the genocidal Islamic terrorist group, aims to maximize civilian deaths by using Gazans as human shields.

Despite heavy fighting between Israel and Hamas terrorists in Rafah, the last major holdout of the group in Gaza, Wateridge said that “we are not evacuating Rafah,” a statement which on the surface appears noble and even perhaps brave, but in actuality is reckless and irresponsible.

Rather than helping Gaza’s civilians find safety elsewhere, UNRWA is deliberately keeping them in an active warzone.

As scandalous and dangerous as UNRWA’s actions are, it comes as no surprise to observers who are familiar with the agency and its dalliance with Palestinian terrorism. On May 14, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released a video showing gun-toting Palestinian terrorists freely roaming around an UNRWA compound in Rafah, shooting at civilians.

In February, Israel released extensive video and photographic evidence showing a sophisticated Hamas command structure underneath UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza. UNRWA, for its part, claimed ignorance, a preposterous defence given the extent of noise involved in constructing such a subterranean structure.

Wateridge painted a dystopian picture of aid in Gaza, saying that “it’s been a week that we have not received aid” through the Kerem Shalom crossing. What she conveniently failed to add is that on May 5, Hamas terrorists fired mortars at the crossing – providing aid into Gaza – killing four Israeli soldiers. The crossing was subsequently closed, but reopened three days later.

Despite Wateridge pleading that “we need aid now” and that “there is not aid coming through the border,” a blatant falsehood, at no time were viewers informed that there is more food entering Gaza on a daily basis now than was entering before the Hamas-instigated war on October 7. UNRWA, whether due to gross incompetence, mismanagement or deliberately, has failed to deliver huge amounts of aid, yet blames Israel for a non-existent shortage.

The interview ended with Wateridge telling her host that “our agency has lost over 180 colleagues killed,” and that “there have been so many deaths of civilians, deaths of journalists…there is no safety in the Gaza Strip for anyone.”

Wateridge’s claim is extremely deceptive to the point of being dishonest as Israel argues that thousands of UNRWA staff in Gaza are also members of Hamas. And while Wateridge claims that there have been many “deaths of journalists,” that statement similarly does not pass muster. As pointed out by investigative journalist David Collier, such claims are “unsupportable fiction” and that many, if not most of the alleged journalists killed in Gaza have been terrorist operatives, and as such, combatants.

The interview ended with Wateridge stating that UNRWA “is ready to do anything we can to support the community and to support people here.” Ready to do anything, it seems, including actively keeping civilians in harm’s way.

At no time during the broadcast were viewers given any context, nor was Wateridge challenged in any way by the host of the program.

The May 13 interview on CTV Your Morning with Louise Wateridge of UNRWA featured the guest making manifold unsubstantiated and highly spurious allegations, all while blaming Israel for a shortage of aid in Gaza that is largely, if not entirely, the fault of groups like UNRWA.


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