CP24 Interviews Anti-Israel Activist Accusing Country Of “Ethnic Cleansing” Of Palestinians

October 31, 2023

A recent broadcast by CP24 in Toronto featured an anti-Israel activist freely regurgitating tired anti-Israel tropes to an interviewer who failed to challenge a single point.

The interview entitled: “Pro-Palestinian sit-ins held at 17 MPs offices,” featured an interview with Dalia Awwad of the Palestinian Youth Movement, whose organization participated in the occupation of Member of Parliament offices on October 30.

During the interview, Awwad told viewers that the conflict with Israel goes further back than Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack, stating that “One of the main misconceptions is that this is something that started on oct 7, when in fact this started in 1948, with the ethnic cleansing of over 700,000 Palestinians from their ancestral lands.”

With her statement, Awwad made clear to the public that in her opinion, the root of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not any Israeli government policy, but the very existence of the Jewish State.

This remarkable admission, which was not challenged by CP24’s interviewer, demonstrates in no uncertain terms that despite claims often made to the contrary, the true hostility to Israel among many anti-Israel activists will not be satisfied by anything less than the destruction of Israel in its entirety.

Awwad’s allegations are not only hateful in nature, by denying the Jewish People their fundamental right to self-determination in their historical homeland, but entirely historical revisionist in nature

In 1948, after Israel declared its independence, its Arab neighbours soon declared war on the newly reborn country, seeking to invade and destroy it. Consequently, many Arab leaders, both within Israel and outside, actively encouraged – or threatened –  the country’s Arabs to leave, “lest their inhabitants ‘treacherously’ acquiesce in Israeli rule or hamper Arab military deployments.”

Awwad continued her diatribe by alleging that “the violence and ethnic cleansing directed at the Palestinians at the hands of the state of Israel has not ended, and has been ongoing.”

This brazen claim, which once again went unchallenged by her interviewer, is little more than a drive-by slander by Awwad, and cannot stand up to event the most fundamental scrutiny.

The population of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Judea & Samaria (often called the “West Bank” by news media outlets) has grown to roughly five million people, representing an enormous 60 percent jump from 1997, when the population was estimated to be about 2.9 million people.

No serious observer, in the face of such overwhelming and definite statistics, could reasonably claim that anything resembling “ethnic cleansing” has taken place to the Palestinians.

To see what real ethnic cleansing looks like, one only need look at Jews from Arab lands, who prior to 1948 numbered some 800,000. Thanks to state-sponsored persecution, pogroms and threats, today that number has shrunk by roughly 98 percent.

CP24 also interviewed Dalia Awwad on October 25 when the Palestinian Youth Movement held a ‘Glory To Our Martyrs’ vigil at Queens Park, where she not only justified the murder of 1,400 innocent civilians by Hamas terrorists but also falsely accused the Jewish state of genocide, settler-colonialism, and ethnic cleansing.

The organization represented by Awwad, the Palestinian Youth Movement, has long been documented for spreading hateful antisemitism, and has been unrepentant about its view that Israel has no right to exist.

In an anti-Israel rally in Montreal earlier in 2023, a representative from the group claimed that Zionism – the Jewish People’s movement of self-determination – was a “slow-moving genocide,” and that “we must fight Zionism here.”

In promotional materials for a Vancouver rally, the group made reference to “75 years of Zionist occupation in Palestine,” an explicit statement delegitimizing Israel’s existence.

Even a cursory search of the Palestinian Youth Movement on CP24’s part would have unveiled an organization that – like the terrorist group Hamas – denies Israel’s right to exist, making Awwad’s false statements entirely unsurprising.

Regardless of Awwad’s promotion of anti-Israel disinformation during her interview, it was the failure of her interviewer to challenge any of her allegations that represented the true violation of journalistic standards.


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