Breakfast Television Anchor Fails To Challenge Guest Who Accused Israel Of Genocide

November 8, 2023

One of the most pernicious lies spread about Israel’s counter-terrorism efforts over the last month have been that the Jewish State is committing genocide against Palestinians, which reflects not only a profound ignorance of what constitutes genocide, and worse yet, is an unsubstantiated defamation of Israel and its right and obligation to combat terrorism.

In a seven minute-long November 7 segment on CityTV’s Breakfast Television program, Khaled Sabawi, a Palestinian-Canadian businessman, was interviewed on his perspective about current events inside the Gaza Strip, and he used his platform to spread falsehoods and propaganda, with no challenge at all from the Breakfast Television host.

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Sabawi accused Israel of “murdered… children.” These are not personal opinions, but blatant falsehoods with no evidence to support them.

Demonstrating an impressive ability to turn reality on its head, Sabawi alleged that Israel’s efforts to warn civilians in Gaza to evacuate areas of heavy fighting – an attempt to protect civilians in war – somehow amounted to “war crime and forceful displacement.” Only in a twisted Orwellian worldview does actively protecting civilians during war somehow constitute a war crime.

Showing zero compunctions about brazenly lying on a news broadcast, Sabawi then proceeded to assert that “10,000 Palestinian civilians and 4,000 children have been killed and murdered by the Israeli government in what amounts to collective punishment and a blatant violation of international law.”

According to Hamas – the source of all of Gaza’s casualties, a total of just over 10,000 people in the enclave have died in the last month. The fact that such figures come exclusively from Hamas is reason enough to dispute them, but Hamas does not distinguish between terrorists and civilians, nor between those killed in Israeli air strikes, or those killed – like in the Gaza hospital on October 17 – by a rocket from inside Gaza.

Subsequently, by claiming that 10,000 Palestinian civilians were killed in Gaza, Sabawi not only accepts Hamas’ claims at face value, he is thus claiming that every single person killed in Gaza is a civilian, and none of them are Hamas terrorists. Such a ludicrous claim would be laughable if the consequences of his lie were not so dangerous.

Sabawi, who never once mentioned the word Hamas, the Islamic terrorist organization which prompted the current war by invading southern Israel on October 7 and murdering 1,400 innocent people in the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, falsely claimed that Israel had “demonstrated genocidal intent” against Gaza, a statement that is equally parts dishonest and dangerous, falsely giving viewers a distorted understanding of what was taking place.

The interview ended with Sabawi begging viewers to “call for a ceasefire as soon as humanly possible,” a deceitful position given that any such cessation of Israel’s counter-terrorism operations would represent a total capitulation by the Jewish State, giving Hamas a much-needed respite to carry on its genocidal attempts to destroy Israel.

Sabawi’s dishonest parroting of Hamas propaganda, as grotesque as it was, was only matched by the catastrophic failure of the Breakfast Television host to challenge him a single time on his bold falsehoods.

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