Concordia University Student Newspaper Calls On Student Union To Endorse BDS Against Israel

April 5, 2024

There is a famous French idiom ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose,’ which means ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same.’

It could very well be the official motto of Concordia University.

More than twenty years after the famous riots at Concordia University when then-Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu came for a scheduled lecture and was met by a violent mob smashing windows on campus, a student newspaper at the university has published an editorial endorsing BDS, the anti-Israel boycott campaign that at its core is antisemitic.

In the April 2 editorial in The Link, a Concordia University student newspaper entitled: “The case for BDS at Concordia University,” the editorial repeated the litany of oft-used accusations against Israel, including claiming that Jerusalem is guilty of “the ongoing genocide in Gaza,” repeating uncritically Hamas’ propaganda death toll figures.

The ubiquitousness of the “genocide” blood libel against Israel by its detractors shows that the famous words attributed to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, that “repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth,” is a powerful handbook in how to turn reality on its head.

There is no genocide in Gaza, nor anything resembling it.

Israel has taken extraordinary effort to minimize civilian casualties, in spite of media coverage claiming the opposite. Those efforts, including actively warning Gazans in advance of strikes and inserting Israeli soldiers to fight on the ground, rather than relying exclusively on the safety of air power, have resulted in a far lower civilian casualty count than in virtually any other modern armed conflict.

The editorial made the unfounded accusation that Israel has conducted a war in Gaza “without making a distinction between soldiers and civilians.”

Yet nowhere in the editorial does the it acknowledge who the combatants in Gaza are, whom they term ‘soldiers,’ given that Hamas is not mentioned a single time, effectively whitewashing the genocidal Islamic terrorist organization as somehow a background actor and not, as it is in reality, the instigator of the current war, and the party actively perpetuating the war by refusing to free the Israeli hostages kidnapped on October 7.

Whether The Link’s editorial is driven by profound ignorance or by deliberate anti-Israel animus, or a combination thereof, is a conclusion that has to be decided by readers, the result is the same: a half-baked, conspiracy-laden rant that bears almost no resemblance to reality.

The editorial, using Israel’s imaginary crimes as evidence, proposed that the student union at Concordia University endorse BDS, the anti-Israel boycott campaign which seeks to demonize a liberal democracy while ignoring real human rights abuses around the world.

While BDS has been a spectacular failure in economically isolating Israel, it has helped to propagate scurrilous disinformation against Israel, used to poison an entire generation against the Jewish State and is antisemitic at its core.

The university’s student union endorsed BDS in 2014, but in 2021 later reversed that decision, even issuing an apology.

Since the October 7 Hamas massacres in southern Israel, The Link has published multiple anti-Israel articles and commentaries, including in the days after the attacks, ranging from content which whitewashed the actions of anti-Israel mobs, repeating anti-Israel propaganda without question, publishing – and endorsing – letters accusing Israel of genocide and ethnic cleansing, and more.

In early March, the newspaper published a long article covering the actions of Concordia University student Ray Coelho, who was escorted off campus by security for holding a hateful anti-Israel sign.

What the newspaper failed to report was that Coelho was a former activist in a Neo-Nazi movement. Although the newspaper retracted the article and apologized, the incident was just the latest in a string of instances demonstrating low journalistic standards.

This latest editorial in The Link endorsing the BDS movement against Israel is the latest chapter in the newspaper’s overt campaign against Israel.


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