Concordia Student Newspaper The Link Features – And Endorses – Egregiously Anti-Israel Letter

January 22, 2024

In 2002, Montreal’s Concordia University came infamous for being the site of a violent anti-Israel demonstration which caused the cancellation of a scheduled lecture by Benjamin Netanyahu.

More than 20 years later, the university’s student newspaper The Link appears to be actively continuing along the same extremist path.

In its January 16 edition, the newspaper published a letter entitled: “Concordia Alumni Letter in Solidarity with Palestinians,” which demanded the university administration condemn Israel’s counter-terrorism operations in the Gaza Strip against Hamas and dissociate itself from the Jewish State.

But the letter went far further than that. It irresponsibly accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and being “an apartheid state,” and said Israel was committing genocide against the Palestinians.

See article below:

As groundless as those allegations are, the letter failed to once mention, let alone condemn Hamas, for its bloodthirsty and genocidal massacre in southern Israel on the morning of October 7, where thousands of members of the Islamic terrorist group marauded across Israel, raping, pillaging, torturing, kidnapping, and murdering.

In fact, the letter didn’t acknowledge those events at all and simply made reference to the current war starting on October 7, as if Israel began bombing targets in Gaza for no apparent reason at all.

Signatories to the letter include Elias Grigoriadis, a current freelance writer for The Canadian Press (CP) and 2022 graduate of the school’s journalism program, whose article “The socialist past, present and future of soccer” was also published in the same edition of The Link.

The letter was not simply published by The Link; it received the newspaper’s active endorsement. Appended to the letter, the newspaper’s editors wrote that “The Link endorses this letter and urges all Concordia alumni to sign it,” before linking to the petition.

In the same edition, the newspaper published an article by Maria Cholakova entitled: “We will free Palestine within our lifetime.” The article purportedly covered a January 14 anti-Israel protest in Montreal, but was little more than a mindless repetition of anti-Israel claims made by demonstrators.

In her article, Cholakova wrote that the protesters “gathered to denounce over 100 days of the genocide in Gaza.” Cholakova’s article was categorized under “News,” yet she unflinchingly repeated anti-Israel allegations as if they were factually correct, and not utterly without merit.

Cholakova quoted one of the speakers at the rally, a representative from the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), a fanatically anti-Israel organization whose leaders have justified Hamas terrorism and encouraged their followers to “fight Zionism here” in North America, but Cholakova did not provide any of this relevant background to her readers.

The day of Hamas’ October 7 massacre in Israel, PYM publicly added its name to a public statement on social media which breathlessly praised Hamas’ mass murder as “the struggle for liberation.”

Cholakova’s article extensively quoted attendees at the protest, and did not provide any opposing views, or even basic challenge to their accusations against Israel.

Like the open letter published elsewhere in the newspaper, nowhere in Cholakova’s article did the author once mention Hamas or its attacks on October 7. Any article ostensibly covering local reaction to the Israel-Hamas war, but which is unable or unwilling to mention Hamas’ name a single time cannot be called a serious contribution to the topic.

Elsewhere in The Link, a two-page photo illustration under the heading “Community is Resistance,” featured a man wearing a shirt bearing the word “Palestine” and an overturned police car.

For the Link, a campus publication notorious for its anti-Israel bias, its latest edition was standard fare.


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