Columnist In University Of Alberta Newspaper Calls For Even More Anti-Israel Policies From Trudeau Government

June 24, 2024

In early May, police removed an illegal anti-Israel occupation at the University of Alberta, but that has not stopped the relentless dissemination of propaganda from being produced at the university.

In a June 15 opinion column in The Gateway, a student newspaper at the school, author Sophya Attai, who describes herself as “an Afghan-Canadian Muslim women” (sic) and who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, took issue with the Trudeau government’s vocal antagonism of Israel, demanding that it go even further.

Attai’s column entitled: “Canada’s hypocritical stance in the Israel-Palestine conflict,” acknowledged that the Trudeau government has called for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas (a de facto surrender on Israel’s part), on March 17, and that in early January, Ottawa stopped approving arm export permits to Israel, but says the Liberal government “must call for an end to the entire occupation, negotiate for peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and stipulate its support of Israel upon the country adhering to international law.”

Attai did not tell readers what she sees as “the entire occupation,” nor did she share that Israel possesses extensive legal title to the lands of Judea & Samaria (commonly called the “West Bank” by news media outlets), and even so, Israel has repeatedly offered it to the Palestinians in the context of a peace agreement, though such offers have been violently rejected.

As for her statement that Canada should “negotiate for peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict,” such empty words are nothing more than meaningless drivel. Without recognizing the singular obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians, namely the complete and total rejection of Israel’s right to exist by Palestinian terrorist groups and much of Palestinian society in general, nothing of consequence will ever change.

As is customary in such anti-Israel screeds masquerading as thoughtful analysis, Attai did not dare utter the word Hamas once, referring to the Palestinian Islamic terrorist group, as if it’s October 7 massacres in Israel, which launched the current war, simply did not happen at all, nor its continued holding of more than 100 Israeli hostages more than eight months later.

Predictably, Attai repeated the genocide claim against Israel, an indefensible lie that is both utterly groundless and morally repugnant, quoting Siobhan Byrne, a professor at the University of Alberta who – on October 19, less than two weeks after Hamas’ massacre, and only barely into Israel’s counter-terrorism efforts – already claimed that “I feel as though we are watching a genocide happening…”

Byrne can have whatever feelings she wants, but those feelings bear absolutely no resemblance to reality. Israel has taken more steps to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza than any armed force in modern history, creating an unprecedented low civilian casualty rate, even while Hamas, a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization, actively uses its own people as human shields in a deliberate, cynical – and successful – attempt to win the public relations battle.

More than eight months after Hamas’ genocidal October 7 massacres, and its ongoing perpetuation of the war by refusing to release the Israeli hostages and surrender, there is simply no excuse to repeat such fatuous lines. Hamas, the party which Attai carefully censored from her column, is violently dedicated to the wholesale destruction of the Jewish State, and as such, Israel has no choice but to defend its people against a fanatical terrorist group. Pontificating on such lofty ideas of peace, all while ignoring the jihadist threats from Hamas, is dangerously ignorant.


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