CityNews Report On Supposed Anti-Palestinian Racism In Toronto Schools Becomes A Platform For Anti-Israel Propaganda

In a May 17 CityNews report entitled: “Jewish and Palestinian parents speak out on racism,” reporter Michelle Mackey informed viewers about a group of Jewish and Palestinian parents at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) advocating against what they called anti-Palestinian racism. However, in her report, Mackey offered the pro-Palestinian parents a platform without providing any journalistic context, balance, or critique to her viewers.

In the report, parent Nadia Mohammed complained about “a pattern of anti-Palestinian racism in Toronto schools.” The only example she could come up with was, “they’ve been approached with questions, like, who are you with? Israel or Hamas? As if they’re watching a soccer game or something which is very dehumanizing.” She went on to say, “I consider the silence and self-censorship in schools to be a type of anti-Palestinian racism.”

Mohammed created a decontextualized narrative of victimhood, with little evidence. This is a strategy core to the pro-Palestinian movement. The context that Michelle Mackay managed to bypass on behalf of CityNews is that Hamas wants to exterminate Israel and establish in its place an Islamic caliphate akin to the Islamic State. To this aim, on October 7, they broke the existing ceasefire and invaded Israel, butchering, burning, raping, and beheading 1200 innocent men, women, and children, and taking hundreds of captives, 130 of whom they still hold. They regard this as just the beginning. They intend to repeat such massacres until Israel is destroyed.

In this context, Israel has been forced into a fight for its life. It carries out its war with exemplary humanity, calling and texting civilians before a precise military operation, often leafleting areas and guiding Gazans to safer locations. To safeguard Gazans during its current operation, Israel astoundingly purchased thousands of tents themselves to shelter Gazans in Al-Muwasi.

However, despite Israel’s best efforts, it is a war and there is suffering on both sides. It is appropriate to report on that and the implications for Canadians and their children. However, reporting on it with a one-sided bias and without context, as CityNews journalist Michelle Mackey did, allows the pro-Palestinian advocates an undisputed forum.

Mohammed demanded that TDSB “acknowledge the harm done to Palestinian children by their statements and acknowledging that there’s a genocide.”

City TV reporter Mackay neglected to mention which statements the TDSB are supposed to have made, and that the only harm Mohammed referenced is the supposed silencing of “Palestinian suffering”. Neither of them mention Israeli suffering; nor the harm done to Jewish students in TDSB schools, including receiving death threats. Had they done so, they would gain credibility for working in support of the students. As it is, they appear to be colluding in their creating a forum for the pro-Palestinian movement.

As for Mohammed’s genocide claim, U.S. President Biden recently acknowledged that there’s no substance to this allegation. Any data usually used to support this claim is sourced in the Gaza Health Ministry – a branch of Hamas – and has been debunked repeatedly, with even the UN recently dramatically reducing their known casualty figures for no given reason.

Had Israel wanted to commit genocide they could have carpet bombed Gaza instead of risking their soldiers in carrying out precise attacks on terrorists hiding behind human shields. They have also allowed in an enormous amount of humanitarian aid, standing at 572,300 tonnes to date, curious behavior for a genocidal entity. CityNews neglected to provide its viewers with this crucial context.

In sync with their one-sided portrayal, Mackey told viewers that the term ‘Nakba” is “used by the Palestinians to describe Israel’s declaration of Independence in 1948 and the hundreds and thousands of Palestinians who were forced or fled from their homes in the fighting that followed.” She also said that “delegates want the TDSB to recognize this day each year.”

The context she ignored is that the United Nations had created a Partition Plan in 1947 which was a two-state solution that the Arabs rejected and the Jews accepted. Israel was then established in 1948. Palestinian Arabs were joined by Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt in attacking the nascent state. Arab leaders called on Arab residents in Israel to leave before their attack. Hundreds of thousands of Arabs chose to do so. Their instigation of the war and their choice to leave is whitewashed and is used to create victimhood, which in turn becomes Hamas’s excuse for their bestial, murderous behavior. As Ghazi Hamad, a Hamas official, childishly and inaccurately says, “It is Israel, not us. We are victims of the occupation. Period. Therefore no one should blame us for the things we do.”

Michelle Mackey’s May 15 report for CityNews on supposed anti-Palestinian racism in Toronto schools provided extended television airtime to pro-Palestinian activists, without any questioning, context, or balance provided for her viewers.


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