CBC’s The Current Provides Platform For Palestinian Propagandists To Downplay Palestinian Rejectionism & Embrace Of Terrorism

June 21, 2024

In a June 12 CBC article and radio segment, titled “Palestinians must be free to determine their own future, says lawyer,” a misleading and ill-informed narrative was perpetuated without any balance or attention to alternate points of view.

The article by Padraig Moran and the accompanying segment for the CBC radio program The Current, which has regularly disseminated anti-Israel disinformation since October 7, features interviews with activists and former Palestinian negotiators Zaha Hassan and Diana Buttu.

This latest segment represents the third time since 2023 that Buttu has been interviewed for The Current. In January 2023, in conversation with host Galloway, she made the outrageous and grotesque statement that “every single day, Israel is going to…kill a Palestinian,” prompting no challenge from her host.

Then, in December 2023, Buttu was back again as a guest on The Current, telling Galloway that Palestinian terrorists inside Israeli jails are really just “political prisoners,” a bald-faced lie which went completely unchallenged once again by Galloway.

In the most recent segment, Hassan made the claim that Israel does not put “Palestinians and their interests on a level playing field with Israelis,” joined by Buttu, who asserted that “[Israel should not be] the one who is determining Palestinian futures, but Palestinians determining their future. That’s the part that has been missing all of these years.”

In other words, the main argument of the guests is that it is wrong for Israel to have any restrictions or conditions on the immediate creation of a “fully sovereign” Palestinian state.

This notion might seem harmless or even moral on the surface, but it is actually a gross misrepresentation of the issues at hand.

All available polling data — including from Palestinian sources — indicates that a large percentage of the Palestinian population in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip (currently an outright majority) supports Hamas, the October 7 terrorist attacks, and various other forms of terrorism or anti-Jewish policies. These polls consistently show widespread Palestinian rejection of the concept of peaceful coexistence with Jews, instead favoring the fantasy of Israel and its population ceasing to exist. Not only did Hamas win the legislative election in the Gaza Strip in 2006 — the most recent one there has been — but, more recently, large numbers of Palestinian civilians participated in and/or celebrated the October 7 attacks, while in 2021, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas cancelled a planned election in the West Bank when polling data revealed that Hamas would likely win it.

As unpleasant a fact as it may be to face, there is unfortunately no genuine discussion of this issue without an acknowledgment that the Palestinian population has been radicalized by extremists to the point where genocide of the Jewish people is a popular idea.

This is not some obscure point, nor are the guests some naive well-meaning observers who wouldn’t be aware of all this. In fact, at one point in the interview, the mask briefly slips when Hassan acknowledges that she is totally okay with the scenario of a Hamas takeover of the Palestinian state and that she still would consider any Israeli or international efforts to prevent their rule illegitimate, stating “obviously who governs Palestine should be a Palestinian choice, but it’s been incredibly difficult for Palestinians to exercise their choices and then to have them honoured by the international community. We saw that in the last legislative elections [in which they elected Hamas in Gaza], the international community didn’t like the outcome and so decided to isolate Hamas.”

For Galloway to let this comment slide, and to not include any of this crucially relevant information in the discussion is unforgivable.

This is especially true since history has shown that these ideas are not mere harmless expressions of anger or frustration, but are actual legitimate plans of action with deadly consequences. Almost every time a strategic piece of territory has been ceded by Israel, it has quickly fallen under the control of maniacal terrorists and devolved into a launching pad for violent attacks against Israelis. Nowhere is this more fully true than in the Gaza Strip and South Lebanon — two places Israel unilaterally withdrew from, yet now the two very hotspots currently ruled by vicious terrorists and causing chaos and carnage.

None of this means that Palestinian self-determination is therefore illegitimate or wrong. For many years, Israel held serious negotiations with Palestinian leadership — even those guilty of serious crimes, when that was who represented the will of the Palestinian people. Israel has made several concrete offers to give up the vast majority of the West Bank and Gaza Strip for a totally independent Palestinian state, on the condition that in return they would receive an end to hostilities. Each time, it was Palestinian leadership who rejected statehood, opting instead to hold onto their broader extremist goals and/or cling to their power.

By neglecting to include any of this crucial information and these relevant perspectives, and allowing the issue of Israel’s security to be simply dismissed by the guests without meaningful discussion, CBC failed in its duty to present the facts fairly in order for the readers to accurately understand the nature of the issue on they set out to report.


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