CBC’s Day 6 Radio Program Features Author Who Refers To Pro-Terrorism Student Activists On US Campuses As “Victims”

An April 26 segment of Day 6, a CBC radio program hosted by Brent Bambury, featured extended coverage to the growing anti-Israel movement, primarily on campuses in the United States.

But rather than provide listeners with a comprehensive introduction to the hate-mongering, intimidation and violence present, Bambury presented a whitewashed picture completely out of touch with reality.

Listen to the full segment below:

The segment began with recorded comments from one anti-Israel activist at Yale University, who, in discussing the tent encampments, said it was created to “raise awareness” about Israel’s policies in Gaza, then lamenting that, in spite of the “peaceful” protest, “police moved in” to disperse it.

In contrast to the student’s depictions of protests as being peaceful, Jewish students have been physically barred from campus in Los Angeles and New York City by anti-Israel mobs on campus. At Columbia University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, students chanted “Hamas we love you” and “kill another soldier now.”

Following the remarks from the Yale University student, Bambury interviewed author James Bamford for his comments on Canary Mission, an organization which identifies anti-Israel agitators on campus and hatemongers worldwide. In January, Bamford penned an online article on Canary Mission, and unsurprisingly, his social media is replete with anti-Israel posts.

Bamford referred to Canary Mission as “a blacklisting and doxxing operation…(which) targets students and professors who are critical of Israeli policy.”

While Bambury did share Canary Mission’s official statement that it documents those who “promote hatred,” that was the end of his attempt to provide any context whatsoever into the promotion of hatred and violence on university campuses.

Bamford told his host that the organization “launches slanderous charges against them, puts their picture…basically tries to harass them so they no longer are critical of Israel.”

Aside from the factual error that slanderous refers to the spoken word, and not a written dossier, as Canary Mission does, Bamford’s ludicrous claim that students are being targeted simply for critiquing Israeli policy is a shameful inversion of reality.

In truth, students identified by Canary Mission include those who have explicitly endorsed Hamas terrorism, glorified the murder of Israeli civilians, and called for Israel’s violent destruction.

But rather than pointing out the litany of venomous comments and social media posts highlighted by Canary Mission, Bambury allowed Bamford to continue his attempted rehabilitation of terrorist-promoters on university campuses, referring to them as “victims.”

Bamford’s comments are just the latest in an attempt by some media commentators to flip truth on its head, and present anti-Israel activists as innocent victims of the all-powerful pro-Israel lobby, when in truth they are simply miscreants who face the natural consequences of their actions.

Instead of asking details about the kinds of statements exposed by Canary Mission, Bambury asked his guest about the “consequences” of being on Canary Mission, including how their reports are often easily found online, whereas Bamford was only too eager to discuss the difficulties in finding employment for those identified.

Bambury’s April 26 segment is just the latest one-sided anti-Israel coverage and commentary for the program. In recent months, it has produced misleading claims about damage in Gaza, covered aid in Gaza, all while conveniently ignoring Hamas’ theft, and given multiple interviews to guests accusing Israel of genocide, and more.

In this latest episode of Day 6, host Brent Bambury hosted a vocal anti-Israel commentator who defended terrorist-supporting students, falsely labeling them as “victims” of pro-Israel actors who “don’t want criticism” of the Jewish State.


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