CBC’s As It Happens Program Promotes False Doomsday Humanitarian Picture Of Gaza

July 10, 2024

On the July 6 episode of As It Happens, a CBC radio program, a news article and accompanying radio segment was produced, entitled: “Why it’s so hard to get humanitarian aid to Gazans”. It was authored by Keena Alwahaidi, a reporter and associate producer for CBC.

During the radio segment, Alwahaidi interviewed Jeremy Konyndyk, President of Refugees International, on the situation in Gaza, who was previously interviewed on March 1 on the same program, and who drew a highly misleading picture for listeners.

In the interview, Konyndyk blamed Israel for what he deemed insufficient aid coming into Gaza. Commenting on northern Gaza now being in “worse shape” than the south, he said, “The turning point there was the beginning of the Rafah offensive by the Israeli military and the seizure of the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza by the Israeli military.”

Konyndyk is consistent in his finger-pointing at Israel, and towards the end of his interview he finally alluded to problems other than Israel: “I spoke to one aid agency this morning that said they’re seeing well over half of incoming convoys being looted by gangs.” He failed to mention who is responsible for much of the looting: Hamas and other Gaza-based groups.

Alwahaidi’s sole mention of Hamas is when she called them, “Hamas-led militants”, instead of terrorists, despite Hamas being a recognized terror organization in Canada, part of CBC’s policy of not calling Hamas terrorists. Of Hamas’s October 7 massacre, she merely wrote that they, “killed about 1,200 people and abducted 250 others, 37,900 people in Gaza have been killed during retaliatory Israeli bombardments…” She used Hamas’s Gaza Health Ministry’s unreliable casualty figures, which include combatant deaths and deaths due to natural causes, and are likely significantly inflated and fabricated. Doing so distracts her readers and listeners from the bestial brutalities Hamas committed, including beheading, raping, and burning their innocent victims. Instead, it focused on what appears to be a significant numerical imbalance, to accuse Israel.

Alwahaidi’s accompanying article largely relied on the United Nations-backed Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), and an article from Human Rights Watch for her depiction of a humanitarian crisis. She wrote that: “A UN-backed report said 96 percent of the population are facing profound levels of food insecurity, and Human Rights Watch says Israel is using starvation tactics as a weapon of warfare.”

The IPC’s conclusions are suspect. Firstly, they have had to walk back their March prediction of imminent famine in Gaza, which didn’t occur by any stretch of the imagination.

Their March report’s methodology was reviewed by their Famine Review Committee in May, which stated, “While the use of assumptions and inference is standard practice in IPC generally, the limitations of the available body of evidence and the extent of its convergence for northern Gaza in April leads to a very high level of uncertainty regarding the current food security and nutritional status of the population.” As Israel said at the time, the data of their March report was limited and inaccurate. The IPC has now admitted it themselves.

And yet they have produced a new June report, which Alwahaidi referred to in her report. It claims credibility, yet relies on Hamas terrorist’s Gaza Health Ministry data, and operates on assumptions, for example when it finds that the child malnutrition measurements have dropped significantly to prewar levels in the Northern Governorate of Gaza, it attempts to discredit this as they may have been fed nutrition biscuits which may not be representative of elsewhere in the Gaza Strip. It also seems to have an agenda of making the situation worse than it is, even according to its own data. As The Times of Israel reported, “…despite the fact that 55% of the population is defined as being in Phase 3 or better, the IPC’s latest report determined the entire Gaza Strip to be at the “Phase 4 – Emergency” level of food insecurity.”

Alwahaidi and the CBC have colluded with Konyndyk in creating a factually incorrect, anti-Israel view of the Hamas-Israel war that Hamas would be proud of.


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