CBC Vancouver Radio Program Features Guest Who Conflates Criticism Of Palestinian Propaganda As “Anti-Palestinian Racism”

February 12, 2024

During the February 8 broadcast of The Early Edition, a CBC radio program based in Vancouver, the program conducted an interview with Dania Majid, co-founder of the Arab Canadian Lawyers Association. In November, Majid was a signatory of an open letter which could reasonably be seen as justifying Hamas’ terrorism.

The 9-and-a-half minute segment entitled: “Anti-Palestinian racism on the rise,” featured Majid telling the CBC’s host that “anti-Palestinian racism” can include “denying the nakba or Palestinian ties to their land…or are supporters of terror or hate.”

The nakba, the Arabic word for catastrophe, is a term used by anti-Israel activists to refer to Israel’s independence in 1948, and is widely used to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist.

Majid elaborated by saying that “Anti Palestinian racism is racism that targets those…to suppress any challenge to Israel’s decades long apartheid and occupation of Palestinian land.”

Despite Majid’s evident attempts to slander as racists and bigots those who challenge anti-Israel propaganda, not once during the broadcast did the host challenge any of her guests’s allegations, instead letting them stand without any context or opposition.

Throughout the broadcast, and in line with a growing trend of anti-Israel activists, Majid sought to position any criticism of the anti-Israel movement as being racist, and said there has been a “chilling effect” on those “who support Palestinians.”

Both the guest and host ignored the litany of hateful episodes from pro-Palestinian activists, including calling for Israel’s destruction, violently assaultthreats of violence, and the waving of a terrorist flag in public. Not was there any mention of the antisemitic graffiti and vandalism outside MLA Selena Robinson’s office in Coquitlam.

Broadening her whitewashing of the anti-Israel movement to encapsulate the Middle East as well, Majid told the CBC’s host that “There has also been this false portrayal that this is a religious conflict, and not one of settler colonialism.”

At this time, it would have been relevant for the CBC host to jump in and remind listeners that Hamas, the Islamic jihadist terrorist group which launched the current war on October 7 with its invasion of southern Israel, wears fundamentalist Islam on its sleeve, not only calling for Israel’s destruction, but promising to build an Islamic State-style caliphate in its place.

Regrettably, she did not, letting Majid’s twisting of reality and whitewashing of Hamas stand unopposed.

At one point, the host cited a study on anti-Palestinian racism commissioned by an organization, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME), without adding that it was an anti-Israel pressure group which recently criticized Canada for sanctioning Hamas terrorists.

Throughout the interview, Majid repeatedly referred to Israel’s counter-terrorism operations in Gaza as “genocide,” despite Jerusalem taking extraordinary steps to minimize civilian casualties, and sought to depict any challenge to pro-Palestinian propaganda as racism.

Majid told the host that there has been an increased “criminalization of protest,” lamenting what she described as the penalization of pro-Palestinian viewpoints in the public sphere.

But without even a hint of hypocrisy, Majid was engaging in the same practice she was assailing, labeling those who dispute pro-Palestinian disinformation as bigots who are deserving of opprobrium.

Majid referred to recent comments by British Columbia politician Selina Robinson, who called pre-state Israel “a crappy piece of land,” and said they were “racist comments” not based in reality. But that same evaluation was noted by American author Mark Twain in the 19th century, who called the region “a desolate country” and that there was “hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere.”

This segment on CBC’s The Early Edition not only featured a guest who attempted to conflate criticism of pro-Palestinian propaganda with racism, it also included a host who did nothing to challenge her guest’s irresponsible comments.

HonestReporting Canada has filed a complaint with CBC News and we encourage you to do the same. Send complaints to CBC Editor-In-Chief Brodie Fenlon at: Brodie.Fenlon@cbc.ca.


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