CBC Vancouver Radio Program Broadcasts Sympathetic Interview Of Leading Anti-Israel Activist, Who Accused Israel Of Executing Gazan Doctors

In some corners of CBC, even the most unrepentant anti-Israel disinformation is allowed to go completely unchecked.

In an April 17 segment of On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko, a CBC radio program in Vancouver, “Canadian doctor shares his recent experience in Gaza,” host Gloria Macarenko spoke with Yipeng Ge, an Ottawa doctor who has made a name for himself as a leading advocate for the demonization of Israel.

Listen to the full segment below:

In November, Ge was suspended by the University of Ottawa for posting “from the river to the sea” on social media, a statement which is widely seen as calling for the destruction of Israel, and as such, can be reasonably viewed as a call for genocide against Jews.

Despite his scandalous public positions for which he remains unrepentant, Ge was interviewed by Macarenko in a 12 minute segment, where he was allowed to spew venomous anti-Israel disinformation with no pushback at all.

Over the course of the segment, Ge accused Israel of genocide at least eight times, and made accusations so extreme that listeners could be forgiven for thinking they were listening to official Hamas propaganda, and not a publicly-funded broadcaster.

There is no genocide in Gaza by any measure. Israel has taken extraordinary steps to minimize civilian casualties, and as a result, there is a lower proportion of civilian deaths there than in virtually any other modern war. John Spencer, chair of urban warfare studies at the Modern War Institute (MWI) at West Point, has hailed Israel’s “remarkable, historic new standard” for protecting civilians in urban settings.

In fact, the genocidal actor is Hamas, the Islamic terrorist organization which on October 7 massacred 1,200 innocent men, women and children in Israel, part of its larger attempt to violently destroy Israel, exterminate its people, and replace it with an Islamic State-style caliphate.

During the interview – which was more of an extended soliloquy than anything resembling a conversation – Ge claimed that doctors and nurses in Gaza have been “sometimes executed, point blank, in front of their patients,” an accusation that is so obscene that it should have immediately elicited an incredulous challenge from Macarenko, though she failed to do anything of the sort.

Among Ge’s ridiculous and indefensible accusations were claiming that “hospitals and clinics have been attacked systematically by Israeli forces,” hiding from listeners that Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamic terrorist group which was mentioned exactly zero times during the entire segment, widely and unapologetically uses healthcare facilities as bases from which to launch attacks against Israelis.

Predictably, Ge accused Israel of “forced starvation” in Gaza, a demonstrable falsehood, given that more food aid has entered Gaza on a daily basis, on average, since the Hamas-launched war on October 7 than was entering before. However, this reality has not stopped the lie among anti-Israel activists that Jerusalem was attempting to starve Gazans.

Even in the face of overt anti-Israel disinformation being spread on her radio program, Macarenko chose to not challenge Ge on his irresponsible statements, instead sympathetically telling him that “I can hear the resolve in your voice…how are you doing? How are you coping?”

As the interview concluded, Ge became more strident in his anti-Israel pontificating, calling for a “liberated, free Palestine,” and claiming without evidence that there is a “violent” wave of “anti-Palestinian racism” in Canada.

There is no violent anti-Palestinian racism in Canada, but the far bigger threat to Canadians is the weaponizing of institutions such as news media outlets, academic institutions and more by fanatical anti-Israel and antisemitic activists, intent on spreading their hateful messages.

The April 17 On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko broadcast gave an extended platform to Yipeng Ge to spread horrific and dangerous anti-Israel disinformation, all while receiving no challenge even a single time from his host.


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