CBC Vancouver Radio Host Stephen Quinn Claims Some Politicians Have Been Intimidated By “People Who Are Aligned With Israel”

On a May 29 broadcast of The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn, a CBC radio program based in Vancouver entitled: “Canada calls for a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Hamas,” the CBC’s host gullibly accepting Hamas’ latest propaganda campaign against Israel.

Discussing the May 26 fire at a group of tents in the southern Gaza region of Rafah – which preliminary investigations and satellite and video evidence demonstrate was the result of secondary explosions from a Hamas weapons cache, Quinn reported that: “An Israeli airstrike on the southern Gaza city of Rafah on Sunday has killed at least 45 people, that is according to the Gaza Health Ministry.”

Listen to the full segment below:

It is certainly true that the so-called Gaza Health Ministry, run by Hamas, did make that allegation, though Quinn carefully avoided telling listeners that those allegations are extremely misleading. While Israel struck a Hamas site nearby, it is likely that a Hamas weapons depot caused a fire, killing Gazan civilians. Despite this, Israel has referred to the incident as a “tragic accident”.

For his part, Host Stephen Quinn devoted the entirety of the seven-minute segment to taking Hamas’ lies at face value, and was joined by guest Daniel Tetrault, a city councillor in the British Columbia city of Burnaby.

Tetrault is not an expert in any way on the Middle East, and his only relevance is being a vocal anti-Israel activist, and thus an ideal guest for The Early Edition, evidently.

Wasting no time in demonizing Israel, Tetrault referred multiple times to the non-existent “genocide” in Gaza, and calling for economic sanctions on Israel.

At no time did Quinn ever challenge his guest on Tetrault’s ignorant comments, claiming that Israel, which has taken extraordinary steps to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza and which has achieved an unprecedented low level of civilian casualties, is guilty of nefarious crimes.

Instead, Quinn switched into clear conspiracy-theory mode, saying “we have seen elected officials in Canada be cautious, to say the least…for fear of offending Israel or people who are aligned with Israel.”

Quinn’s ridiculous comments are a mockery of reality, given that many municipal, provincial and federal politicians from left-of-centre political parties have openly and brazenly demonized Israel.

Conversely, politicians who support Israel have had their offices vandalized by hate mobs, hardly surprising given that anti-Israel demonstrators have widely engaged in violence, hate speech, harassment and more.

Tetrault claimed that “our provincial government (in British Columbia) has been shamelessly quiet on this issue,” a nonsensical comment, given that British Columbia Premier David Eby fired cabinet minister Selina Robinson from her post for daring to speak accurately, though indelicately, about the desolate nature of pre-state Israel.

During the collegial conversation, Tetrault referred to “35,000 people…civilians killed, including 15,000 children.”

This comment is also entirely fiction. Even according to Hamas’ unverified figures, claiming that some 35,000 people have been killed, likely half of them are active combatants, meaning that they are not all civilians, a patent falsehood so absurd that it should have elicited an immediate correction from Quinn, though none came.

Furthermore, 15,000 children have not died in Gaza, and not by a long shot. Even the United Nations, a bastion of anti-Israel hostility, recently stated that the number of youth under 18 was roughly half the figure quoted by Tetrault.

Stephen Quinn has long used his radio program to allow open demonization of Israel. Earlier in May, he interviewed a supporter of the anti-Israel hate mobs on select campuses, ignoring all criticisms of the encampments, in January his program ignored the pro-terrorism social media posts by a Vancouver restaurant while fawning over the establishment, and has allowed a guest to spout accusations of genocide without challenge, and more.

The May 29 segment of The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn was only the latest, but likely not the last incident, in which the host gave an unfettered opportunity to a guest to spread anti-Israel disinformation without any attempt to challenge them.


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