CBC The National Tells The Truth About Hamas’ Bloodthirsty Massacre & Its Extremist Islamic Ideology

January 22, 2024

In the immediate aftermath of Hamas’ October 7 massacre in southern Israel, news media outlets in Canada and beyond focused on the Islamic terrorist group which had committed unspeakable atrocities against innocent men, women and children.

But more than three months after those mass murders, and as the war in the Gaza Strip continues, the focus has shifted significantly, almost exclusively onto Israel. South Africa’s accusations of genocide against Israel are a microcosm of this flip in narrative.

While Israel is not exempt from criticism over its counter-terrorism operations in Gaza, any discussion over the war that does not comprehensively address Hamas and its attack in early October is more than one-sided; it is willfully blind.

The ease of which so much of the news media has lost sight of Hamas makes a special report on CBC’s The National by Correspondent Terence McKenna all the more relevant and powerful.

Broadcast on January 17 in a report entitled: “Israel’s intelligence failure,” the program featured a detailed expose both of the breakdown in Israel’s military defences on October 7, as well as a focused look at the methods and ideology behind Hamas.

Watch Segment Below:

While the report blurred out particularly distressing imagery, McKenna pulls no punches, showing Hamas terrorists deliberately targeting innocent civilians in their homes and cars, as well as throwing grenades into a bunker housed with unarmed Israeli female intelligence soldiers.

The report highlighted the remarkable technological advances possessed by Hamas, including its drone program, which McKenna pointed out was “funded by Iran,” and a detailed 40-page training booklet seized by Israeli soldiers in 2022 called “Jericho Wall,” which laid out Hamas’ planned attack exactly how it was eventually carried out on October 7.

Equally important, McKenna’s report showed viewers the fundamentalist Islamic ideology held by the Hamas terrorists, an important point often overlooked by news media outlets.

The report mentioned how the Hamas booklet quoted the Islamic holy book, the Quran, and interviewed female intelligence officers who survived the assault as describing the invaders as screaming “God is Great” in Arabic, and sounding as if they were “crazed.”

The report did more than show footage of the attacks; it placed them in their proper context. McKenna explained that Hamas terrorists “raced from house to house, searching for people to kill,” and that they “shot people randomly through their windows and doors.”

Much of the report is undoubtedly difficult to watch; at one point, the correspondent shared details about how “one attacker described how he executed small children” at a kibbutz in southern Israel.

McKenna did more than report on Hamas’ massacres, as novel as that would still be. Equally important, rather than falling into the lazy trap of giving oxygen to Hamas’ disinformation, claiming that its attack was a response to Israel’s non-occupation of Gaza, he told viewers the truth about the true motivation behind the mass killings.

“One attacker’s phone call back to his parents in Gaza demonstrated a virulent antisemitism,” McKenna explained, before showing a recording of a notorious phone call of a Hamas terrorist who had proudly called his parents to tell them that “I killed 10 (Jews) with my own hands.”

As news commentators falsely blame Hamas’ rampage of torture, rape, killings and kidnappings as caused by “colonial occupation,” and absurdly accuse Israel’s operations in Gaza targeting Hamas as being “as barbaric as…Hamas,” it is essential that the Canadian news media keep the focus on the terror group, both as the instigator of the current war, but also as the party which intentionally perpetuates it. Terence McKenna and CBC The National excelled in this regard.


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