CBC The Current Shares Hamas Propaganda On Rafah Tent Fires, Host Matt Galloway Asks If Canada Should Expel Israel’s Ambassador To Canada

CBC News’ enthusiastic embrace of Hamas disinformation continues yet again.

On the May 29 edition of The Current, a CBC radio program entitled: “What is Canada doing to help civilians in Rafah?,” host Matt Galloway conducted two interviews: first with Ahmad Abualjedian, a Gazan living in Brantford, Ontario, as well as with Bob Rae, Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations.

The main theme of the 19-minute segment surrounded a May 26 Israeli airstrike in southern Gaza, targeting senior Hamas terrorists. At the same time, a large fire was recorded in a tented area, prompting Hamas to claim without evidence that Israel was responsible.

Rather than examining the evidence, host Galloway accepts Hamas’ allegations, hook, line and sinker.

Galloway told listeners that “an Israeli airstrike hit a camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah that ignited a deadly fire and killed dozens of people,” as if it were an established fact, when it is decidedly not.

What happened is that Israel, using specialized weaponry which creates a more limited blast radius, struck Hamas terrorists roughly 180 metres from where the tents were located.

According to preliminary investigations and backed up by satellite imagery and first-hand video evidence from within Gaza, it is clear that the large conflagration was caused by a weapons storage cache potentially being hit and causing secondary explosions, presumably belonging to Hamas.

For its part, Israel has already said that the strike was a “tragic mishap,” but that did not stop Galloway from taking Hamas disinformation and disingenuously presenting it as unassailable truth to the public.

Galloway’s first interview with Abualjedian focused on the man’s family in Gaza and the humanitarian situation, but in the second, Galloway’s questions to Rae demonstrated a clear agenda to lambaste Israel.

Galloway asked Rae: “… should Canada expel Israel’s ambassador to Canada,” in order to show “that you believe that it is unacceptable?” a suggestion that Rae, to his credit, quickly dismissed.

Soon, Galloway cited a recent International Court of Justice (ICJ) judgment, claiming that the world court “ordered Israel to immediately halt its military offensive” in Rafah, a selective interpretation that wholly ignores the fact that the court’s terminology only forbade Israeli actions under some circumstances, a point on which Rae did correct Galloway.

Throughout the segment, Galloway’s doe-eyed acceptance of Hamas propaganda continued unabated, telling listeners that “the stats are close to 36,000 (who) have died in Gaza,” choosing to omit that those “stats” are not actual statistics, but unverified claims from a banned terrorist organization that widely lies in order to achieve public relations wins, and which does not differentiate between civilians or combatants.

The latest episode of The Current is far from the only instance in which Galloway allowed anti-Israel disinformation to be platformed without challenge or even equivocation. In early May, the program gave undeserved coverage to the claim that Israel had created a mass grave in Gaza, an accusation that similarly was proven to be utterly false.

The Current, and CBC News in general, has allowed anti-Israel propaganda to be platformed without any challenge whatsoever on countless instances since October 7, and tragically, that trendline shows no signs of letting up.


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