CBC The Current Interviews 3 Guests Hostile To Israel, Host Matt Galloway Never Challenges Comments

December 6, 2023

On the December 1 broadcast of The Current, a CBC Radio program hosted by Matt Galloway, an extended segment entitled: “Surging violence in the West Bank,” discussed violence in Judea & Samaria (often called the “West Bank” by news media outlets), in particular those committed by Israelis against Palestinian civilians.

Listen to the full segment below:

The program’s first guest, Fouad Muaddi, the head of international relations for the city of Ramallah (under Palestinian Authority jurisdiction), told Galloway about assaults by Israelis against Palestinian civilians in the area. Such attacks, like any attack on civilians, are reprehensible and indefensible, and while Galloway is free to report on them, his questions to Muaddi were highly leading.

Following Muaddi’s opening comments, Galloway asked him “do you worry that (Palestinian) young people will respond in kind with violence?” never acknowledging that Palestinian violence and terrorism in Judea & Samaria against Israeli civilians have taken place for years, including suicide bomb attacks, shootings, stabbings and deadly rock attacks on Israeli motorists.

Unlike Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israel in Judea & Samaria, whose perpetrators receive extended funding from the Palestinian Authority through its “pay for slay” program, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has fiercely condemned settler attacks on Palestinians, saying “We condemn it and deal with it with all the severity of the law,” and labelling the perpetrators “extremists.”

Galloway’s next guest, Diana Buttu, has been the subject of multiple HonestReporting Canada alerts, including earlier in 2023 when she has depicted Israel as indiscriminately killing Palestinians. During this segment, she described the teenagers incarcerated in Israeli prison for security offences as “children,” a whitewashing that implies youthful innocence.

One of these “children” is Nafoz Hamad, a Palestinian teenager who was arrested for stabbing a Jewish neighbour two years ago, in an attempted murder attack.

While Buttu never acknowledges the violent crimes committed by many Palestinian detainees, instead referring to them as “political prisoners,” Galloway failed to challenge her on such omissions, when he should have cited one of scores of examples of recently-released prisoners who were arrested for carrying out violent attacks on Israelis.

The third interviewee on The Current was Brian Finucane, a senior adviser at the International Crisis Group. Finucane told Galloway that “the problems in the West Bank, the escalating violence there, are largely driven by the state, by Israel,” referring to Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers. Finucane never told Galloway about the nature of such deaths, leading listeners to a reasonable implication that they are presumably against innocent Palestinians, and not clashes with armed combatants.

Finucane also never once mentioned Palestinian violence and terrorism against Israel from the territory, which necessitated Israeli counter-terrorism operations. Despite this, Galloway never pressed his guest on the matter.

Instead, Galloway repeated a question he had previously posed in a similar form to both Muaddi and Buttu, citing a report by Finucane’s employer that stated “how Israel’s action could potentially lead to an even more violent form of resistance in future.”

In all three interviews, it wasn’t just the guests who positioned the violence between Israel and Palestinians in Judea & Samaria “West Bank” as being driven by Israel, it was Galloway, through his leading questions and failure to properly challenge his guests.

All three guests in this radio segment expressed overtly hostile anti-Israel views and failed to mention Palestinian terrorism against Israel emanating from Judea & Samaria. And rather than challenging his guests on these significant omissions, Galloway never pressed them.

This is not Galloway’s first failure to hold his guests accountable for their words. Just three weeks earlier, Galloway hosted one guest who blamed Israel for Hamas terrorism, and Galloway never challenged him on his absurd allegations.

HonestReporting Canada has filed a complaint directly with CBC News and we encourage you to do the same. Please also send complaints directly to host Matt Galloway by sending emails to: matt.galloway@cbc.ca or by sending feedback via The Current’s website.


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