CBC Radio’s Front Burner Program Ignores Anti-Israel Mob’s Desire For Israel’s Destruction And Praise For Palestinian Terrorism

March 21, 2024

In what could be described as a masterclass of missing the forest for the trees, a CBC Radio broadcast report on a recent anti-Israel protest outside a Toronto-area synagogue, with the overwhelming focus being on the alleged gripes of the mob.

In the March 19 episode of Front Burner, a CBC radio program entitled: “West Bank real estate, protests at Canadian synagogue,” which ran nearly 40 minutes long, host Jayme Poisson reported on a March 7 protest of around 100 anti-Israel activists who protested outside a Thornhill, Ontario, synagogue, in a heavily Jewish neighbourhood, allegedly due to an Israeli real estate exhibition being held inside.

Listen now to the full episode below:

Rather than devoting the lengthy segment to evaluating the explicit and indefensible attempt by the protest organizers to invade and intimidate a largely Jewish neighbourhood, instead Poisson took the cue from the anti-Israel mob, and spent the lion’s share of the segment to discussing the exhibitors at the Israeli real estate show, in particular, properties she says are in the “occupied West Bank.”

In her introduction, Poisson told listeners that “the genesis of this protest is because there is a real estate event going on inside” the synagogue, and that “at the heart of the controversy here is that some of the vendors have advertised that they’re selling property in the West Bank.”

Even a modicum of research on the part of CBC would have demonstrated that to the anti-Israel protesters, whether property is located in the “West Bank” (what the news media calls Judea & Samaria), or within pre-1967 Israel is entirely irrelevant; they see all Jewish presence in the land as illegal.

One of the organizers of the protest, Palesign, is run by Naved Awan, a regular at anti-Israel protests, including ones in December, 2023, held at a busy overpass over Highway 401, and abutting a large Jewish neighbourhood in Toronto.

The focus of Awan’s ire isn’t just property “located in the West Bank,” but anything remotely connected to Israel, or the Jewish community at large. He took part in a demonstration harassing members of Toronto’s Jewish community at a May, 2023 charity walkathon and has praised Palestinian terrorism on social media.

Another anti-Israel group which co-organized the protest, Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), has made no secret of its praise for murderous terrorism against Israelis.

After Hamas’ October 7 massacre in Israel, the group advertised an event, “All Out for Palestine,” where it invited followers to “celebrate our steps closer to liberation,” and where it exhorted “on our people in the far diaspora in Toronto to uplight and honour our resistance and our martyrs.”

But to Poisson, the anti-Israel and antisemitic venom from protest organizers, who invaded one of the densest Jewish communities in North America, was clearly unworthy of mention.

While the report did quote, among others, the synagogue’s rabbi as calling the protests “a pretense,” that angle was swallowed up by the real story, as decided by CBC: real estate.

Poisson told listeners that “we really needed to understand what was happening inside the real estate event,” explaining that she and producer Derek Vanderwyk entered the program (though it is unclear if they identified themselves as members of the media), and spoke with exhibitors inside, seeing “two exceptions” of properties being sold beyond Israel’s pre-1967 armistice lines.

While Poisson did quote the synagogue’s rabbi and pro-Israel counter-protesters who correctly noted that the anti-Israel activists were unconcerned about the specific boundaries of properties being sold, given that the primary focus of her broadcast surrounded the real estate event itself, the segment legitimized the hateful mob’s pretense, all while ignoring the overt and unabashed ideology protest organizers have expressed.

Even as an antisemitic hate mob invades a Jewish neighbourhood and protests at a synagogue, CBC’s Front Burner segment on March 19 gave baseless credence to the organizers, and overlooked their stated and extreme ideologies.

The protests did not end in Canada; they continued into the United States, where thousands of anti-Israel demonstrators descended on a synagogue in New Jersey. Days later, the real estate event’s last stop, scheduled for New York City, was cancelled out of fear of violence.


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