CBC Radio Shares Baseless Propaganda Alleging Israel Has Kidnapped Palestinian Children & Brought Them Out Of Gaza

June 26, 2024

On June 24, the CBC Radio program The World This Hour aired a brief, minute-long segment so packed-full with wild, unsubstantiated and uncontextualized claims that it could be used as a case study for irresponsible journalism (with the term journalism here being used in the absolute loosest sense).

Listen to the clip below:

The report cited claims made by the charity Save The Children that an estimated 21,000 children are currently missing in Gaza due to the Hamas-Israel war, and that 4,000 are thought to be buried under rubble. Of course, CBC and Save The Children didn’t tell listeners where those numbers come from, or how they arrived at that estimate. Presumably they are taken from flawed and dishonest Hamas Health Ministry numbers, which even the United Nations admitted were inflated by nearly 100 percent recently. If even half that many children are missing it would be a tragedy. But rather than questioning why thousands of children were put in harm’s way and not taken to safety despite Israeli forces providing significant advanced notice of operations, the host uncritically moved on, clearly laying blame at the feet of the Jewish state.

In the clip, Alexandra Seiah, a representative from Save The Children, went on to make the shocking claim that “an unknown number of children have been detained by Israeli forces, have been forcibly transferred out of Gaza and are buried in unmarked graves.” The host did not unpack any of these wild accusations, leaving them to sit with the listener as-is and without challenge or context.

Of course, no mention was made of the fact that if “children” were “detained” and “transferred” out of Gaza, it is likely because they were fighting with Hamas or another terrorist group. The use of child soldiers is a well-known strategy employed by Hamas and other jihadist groups, and for a news agency to report that these are simply ‘children’ without context is wildly irresponsible.

Further, claims of children being found in unmarked graves have circulated for some time, but unbiased sources have shown that they were not put there by Israeli soldiers. Rather, satellite reports have shown that it was Palestinians themselves that created these mass graves. To present it as connected somehow to Israeli operations is incendiary and outrageous.

Finally, the report ended by offering an offhand comment that Save The Children also cited 33 Israeli children having been killed since the start of the conflict and an unconfirmed number are currently being held in Gaza.

The only way that these numbers could be accurate is if we are not including October 7 as part of “the conflict” since 38 children were murdered that day, alone by Hamas terrorists. And of course, no mention was made of the fact that the only reason the death toll of Israeli children doesn’t dwarf the Palestinian numbers is because tens of thousands of Israelis have been displaced from their homes due to constant rocket fire, sheltering in safe zones, and with access to bomb shelters. Something that the people of Gaza could also do to protect their children, should they care to do so.

Although the anti-Israel rabble might by now have gotten comfortable reporting using the word ‘unconfirmed’ (after all, nothing coming out of Gaza is accurate, so they have to use this proviso), the number of kidnapped and still-missing Israeli children is well known. Israeli children Kfir and Ariel Bibas (ages 1 and 4) are still being held – either dead or alive – by Hamas. Indeed, there’s no need to guess at what happened; Hamas live-streamed their abduction, along with their parents, so certain were they that the world would turn a blind eye.

Disgustingly, they were right. CBC couldn’t even bring themselves, in a report about the effects of this conflict on children, to say the names of two Jewish children being held in Hamas’ terror tunnels – one of them for the majority of his life at this point.


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