CBC Radio Program Yukon Morning Gives Platform To Hateful Anti-Israel Activist To Justify Hamas’ October 7 Massacres

June 14, 2024

In the Yukon capital of Whitehorse, Councillor Michelle Friesen recently introduced a motion for the city council to write to Ottawa with a pro-Palestinian statement. To his credit, Councillor Kirk Cameron made a point of order that it was not within the council’s jurisdiction to do so, as the issue didn’t affect local matters. For her part, Mayor Laura Cabott agreed and was supported by the majority of councilors. This tabled conversation on the issue, but in protest of this, several people spoke at a standing council committee meeting attended by 26 people in support of a pro-Palestinian motion.

On June 4, the CBC radio program Yukon Morning with host Elyn Jones, reported on this matter by giving anti-Israel radicals five minutes of free airtime to present their anti-Israel views at full volume, unimpeded by any journalistic inquiry or contextualization.

Listen to the full segment here:

In fact, she appeared to be asleep at the switch, even as multiple radical statements were made on her program. For example, a delegate stated, “Rafah is now under attack and it is starting to look a lot like a coldly, premeditated genocide.” This should have prompted Jones to explain the minimal context of the war, but she did not.

Even in the face of a delegate who went as far as to inhumanely claim that, “Hamas was not an unprovoked attack, it was a retaliation after a century of assault and violation,” Jones failed to challenge this hateful statement which excused and justified the wholesale murder of 1,200 innocent Israelis.

There can be no doubt that Hamas’ October 7 massacres were unprovoked. On that day, thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and gang-raped, beheaded, burnt, and murdered 1,200 unsuspecting innocent Israelis in an orgy of violence. They also captured over 250 men, women, and children, 120 of whom remain in captivity. Justifying this as “retaliation” beggars belief.

Understanding the context of the war crucially explains that Israel has been unwillingly forced into a battle for its survival. Jones’s failure to explain this or even question the delegates’ assumptions whitewashes Hamas’s terror and makes support of them palatable.

Israel takes incredible care to protect Gazan civilians, often warning and redirecting them before attacks and even purchasing tents for them themselves before the Rafah operation. Despite this, delegates stated that “The Israeli forces… murdered 35,000 Palestinians…” as well as “the murder of 25,000 innocent women and children, the complete annihilation of a country are relevant.”

These figures have been thoroughly discredited due to many factors, including that they do not differentiate between civilians and combatants, and include deaths of natural causes. They also increase with a regularity that belies a war zone. The UN halved the number of women and children casualties the delegate quoted, invalidating the delegates’ argument. Yet Jones said nothing in the face of these statements.

Individuals quoted by CBC also accused Israel of ethnic cleansing, saying, “Palestine has been under Israel’s thumb being attacked and controlled since Nakba in 1948 when more than 750,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their homes by Zionist militias.”

The facts are that the United Nations’ 1947 Partition Plan proposed a two-state solution for Jews and Arabs. The Arabs refused it; the Jews accepted it. When, in 1948, the Jewish state was established within these terms, the Arabs, alongside armies from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt, fought to exterminate the Jews and their nascent state. To this end, the Arab leaders of the time called on the Arab residents of Israel to leave before they attacked. Hundreds of thousands chose to do so, despite Israel offering full citizenship to those who remained.

In fact, 20 percent of Israel’s citizens today are Arabs with full rights; a bizarre reality for an ethnically cleansing entity!

The bald-faced lies presented by delegates at the Whitehorse council meeting were presented as legitimate and not for what they are – hateful conspiracy theories, and for that, the CBC radio program Yukon Morning has helped contribute to the spread of disinformation in Canadian society.


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