CBC Radio Program ‘The Current’ Gives Extended Platform To Discussing Gaza Mass Grave, Baselessly Suggesting Israel To Blame

In yet another example of CBC allowing itself to become a platform for anti-Israel disinformation, a recent radio program featured extended coverage of a ‘mass grave’ in the Gaza Strip outside hospitals, with tacit hints that Israel was responsible.

On the April 26 segment of The Current with Matt Galloway, “Mass graves at Gaza hospitals,” guest host Mark Kelley began with an audio clip featuring a senior executive from the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), who was quoted as saying “we don’t have enough supplies in Gaza,” and neither guest nor host gave any details about the unprecedented number of food trucks entering Gaza, or about Hamas’ widespread theft of aid from its people.

The NRC is a vocal and unrepentant anti-Israel “humanitarian” organization whose staff have accused Israel of conducting a “war on children,” of attacking Gaza’s “civil servants” (omitting that they are members of Hamas), ignoring Hamas’ theft of aid, and more. Predictably, members of NRC have been interviewed on CBC multiple times in recent weeks.

Most of the interview was spent with Kelley interviewing Ravina Shamdasani, a spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Listen to the full segment below:

Kelley asked Shamdasani about the grave, and what was known. She began by saying that “what we know” is that, prior to the discovery of the grave, the hospitals “were attacked by Israeli forces, adding that the hospitals were “providing medical care and they were also providing shelter to civilians” from elsewhere in Gaza.

Shamdasani told Kelley that “a lot of people were killed” at al-Shifa hospital and Nasser hospital, obscuring the reality that those who “were killed” were Hamas combatants.

With this key omission, Shamdasani tacitly implied that Israel attacked a civilian hospital complex, killing “a lot of people” who were simply seeking medical care or shelter, a gratuitous misdirection.

While Shamdasani did truthfully acknowledge over the course of the interview that the exact circumstances surrounding the mass grave are unknown, this is extremely misleading.

In addition to ignoring statements by Israel that its military was not responsible for the graves, there remains incontrovertible proof which corroborates Israel’s position.

As pointed out in an exhaustive investigation by GeoConfirmed, a platform which uses geolocation data to map conflict zones around the world, the mass grave was previously dug by Palestinians, not Israel.

That has not stopped a parade of anti-Israel activists from peddling the falsehood that Israel was responsible for the mass grave, helping to pour fuel on the fire of disinformation.

Shamdasani told the host that there were reports that some of the deceased had been bound, which both she and Kelley called “worrying,” without telling listeners that the sole source for those claims was none other than Hamas and its ‘Gaza Civil Defense.’

Shamdasani called for an investigation into the grave, but at no time during the conversation, did she acknowledge – nor was she questioned by Kelley – about the extensive evidence that the graves were dug by Palestinians inside Gaza, and not by Israeli troops.

Instead, Shamdasani alleged that there is a “climate of impunity” enjoyed by Israel, once again implying that Israel was the culprit, without any challenge or pushback by Kelley.

To his credit, Kelley did ask Shamdasani about the estimated 130 Israeli hostages languishing in Gaza, who were kidnapped almost seven months earlier, on October 7, by Hamas terrorists. She condemned the kidnapping, and demanded they be returned, before pivoting to Gaza.

The April 26 segment of The Current featured UNHCR spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani being given an extended platform to groundlessly implicate Israel in a mass grave in Gaza, for which there is no evidence whatsoever that it is responsible, all while ever failing to acknowledge that it was dug by Palestinians.


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