CBC Radio Program In London Gives Notorious Anti-Israel Activist Michael Lynk A Platform To Whitewash Anti-Israel Hate Fest

June 10, 2024

On May 29, CBC’s radio show London Morning, with Andrew Brown, hosted notorious anti-Israel activist Michael Lynk, introducing him as Professor Emeritus in Western University’s Faculty of Law, and a former UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories. Lynk was ostensibly a guest to discuss a recent letter signed by some of Western University’s current and former faculty members urging the university to allow anti-Israel campus occupiers to remain, but Lynk himself has a long history of acting as an anti-Israel propagandist, and this appearance did not deviate from his expected pattern of demonization and deflection.

Listen to the full segment:

The broadcast opened with host Andrew Brown providing a background on the ‘Pro-Palestinian’ encampments, already setting the stage and the agenda as one of Israel-as-aggressor. Nothing about these encampments can be said to be ‘pro-Palestinian’, and are instead just blatant anti-Israel hate fests, with signs like ‘globalize the intifada’, and ‘glory to the martyrs’ being seen repeatedly at encampments across North America. Lynk opened his remarks with the statement that it’s important for the university to engage in good-faith negotiations with the student leaders. This ridiculous suggestion – that students can and should be allowed to take over public spaces, championing violence against Israelis, barring Jewish students from campus spaces, and glorifying martyrdom, only to be met with negotiations and the humouring of their demands is an outrage.

Lynk went on to demand that the university take seriously student demands to divest from any company that benefits from the “57 year old occupation by Israel” – presumably referring to the adoption of armistice lines after the 1967 war that saw Israel take Gaza and Judea & Samaria (called the “West Bank” by news media outlets). Of course, Lynk is predictably quiet on what precipitated those changes in land administration (that Israel won in a defensive war and captured land after being attacked), or the fact that Israel gave up significant land for peace (which it didn’t get, and when such a capitulation is unheard of after a military acquisition of land in a war of self defense to begin with), or the fact that Israel hasn’t had a presence in Gaza for nearly 20 years, removing all Jews from the land and turning over the keys to Arab leaders in 2005.

Lynk went on to challenge Brown, when Brown asked him about the fact that many students, including visiting high school students there for a tour, said that they felt unsafe due to the aggressive attitudes of encampment participants. Rather than listening to the students across Canada – Jewish and non-Jewish alike – who continue to share that they feel unsafe, Lynk proceeded to tell these students why their feelings are wrong, and why they are in fact the problem – claiming that the encampment at Western is one of the “most politest” in Canada and North America, and that most of the time, and on 90 percent of university property, “you wouldn’t even know there’s an encampment there.”

This fundamentally misses the point – that all students deserve to feel safe on campus, and the attempt to silence and marginalize their voices is ludicrous and offensive.

But this is the same campus where a speaker was brought in, who, after the October 7 attack urged supporters to “celebrate the victory”, and who called accounts of sexual assault against Israeli women “lies.” It’s also the campus where hostage posters were ripped down, because evidently Jewish or pro-Israel students don’t have the same hypothetical rights to share their views in a protected space.

Lynk continued the interview by expressing dismay that the university had, in 2022, made a statement condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, but refused to condemn Israel for the war in Gaza today. He, of course, doesn’t see the irony in this, given that Israel is fighting a defensive war, the same as Ukraine, after they were attacked by Hamas and Russia, respectively. If any statement should be expected, it should be one in support of Israel as they defend themselves against an extremist terror group.

Finally, Lynk mentioned that the president of Western has himself been to Israel, and seen the reality of the country first hand. It apparently doesn’t occur to Lynk that perhaps that is precisely why he isn’t eager to make hyperbolic or incorrect statements about Israel’s so-called ‘human rights abuses’ – because he’s been there and knows for himself that these are lies designed to demonize the Jewish State.


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