CBC Radio Program Front Burner Features Prominent Anti-Israel Guest To Discuss ICC Case, With Predictable Results

To make sense of the May 20 decision by the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Karim Khan, to request that arrest warrants be issued for leaders of Israel and Hamas, a CBC radio program interviewed one of Canada’s most notorious anti-Israel activists.

The May 22 episode of Front Burner entitled: “ICC prosecutor wants Netanyahu, Hamas leaders arrested,” which has repeatedly been used as a platform for one-sided demonization of Israel (see here, here, here, here, here and here), interviewed Michael Lynk, whom host Jayme Poisson described as an “associate professor at the Faculty of Law of Western University in London, Ontario, and he was the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories from 2016 to 2022.”

Listen to the full segment:

What Poisson selectively omitted from Lynk’s biography is that Lynk is an active pro-Palestinian activist, acting as an advisor to anti-Israel protesters at Western University, and who has a long track record of spreading anti-Israel disinformation, including claiming that Hamas, a genocidal terrorist group opposed to Israel’s existence, is only fighting the country because of some specific lands in dispute.

With that background, listeners could have fully appreciated that they were about to hear the words of a crusader for the anti-Israel cause, rather than an academic.

During the 29 minute segment, Lynk’s comments were entirely predictable.

While both Poisson and Lynk acknowledged Hamas’ terrorist attacks against Israel (without ever using the dreaded word ‘terrorist,’ of course), which have been widely documented, primarily by Hamas terrorists themselves during their violent rampage in Israel on October 7, the main focus of Lynk’s ire was, as expected, Israel.

Taking false claims against Israel at face value, Lynk said that “there’s already a fair amount of compilation of evidence with respect to both statements made by Israeli political and military leaders certainly in the days and weeks after October 7th, and the actual actions on the ground with respect to the denial of food.”

The ridiculousness of Lynk’s claims cannot be overstated. The statement he mentioned, comments by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant where he called for “a complete siege on Gaza” and no food or water to enter the territory, was clearly bellicose rhetoric, made in the hours following the biggest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and Israel strenuously denies that it has a policy to starve Palestinians in Gaza.

In sharp contrast, Israel didn’t impose a complete siege on Gaza or deny food from entering Gaza. In fact, there is more food entering Gaza on a daily basis now than was entering the territory before October 7, but Lynk never saw fit to point out what was actually happening on the ground, because the reality so powerfully refutes his ideologically-driven comments.

During the interview, Lynk told Poisson that Israel must be held accountable in international fora because “no Israeli political or military leader has ever been held accountable” by the Israeli government, saying that “the best example” he can think of is the presence of Israeli towns in eastern Jerusalem and Judea & Samaria (called the “West Bank” by media outlets), and by taking “Palestinian land.”

Here, Lynk demonstrated a striking simplicity in thinking, arguing that because Israel does not believe that its historic homeland is stolen territory, as Lynk does, that it is consequently refusing to hold its leaders accountable. But Lynk’s argument is entirely circular, which rests on his conclusion – that Israel stole land – being self-evident.

But Israel does not occupy “Palestinian land.” The territories in question were previously occupied by Jordan, which lost them when it sought to invade Israel in 1967, and with its 1994 peace treaty with Jerusalem, Jordan subsequently renounced its claims to the territory.

Furthermore, Israel possesses extensive historical and legal rights to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Nevertheless, Israel has offered the Palestinians virtually all of the land they officially demand, to no avail, most famously during the 2000 Camp David negotiations, when then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians eastern Jerusalem, Gaza, and almost all of Judea & Samaria. That offer was summarily rejected without a counter offer.

In the May 22 episode of the CBC radio program Front Burner, Michael Lynk, a longtime anti-Israel campaigner, was the singular guest, where he fixated overwhelmingly on Israel, using circular arguments and misinformation to make his case, all while being unchallenged by his host.


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