CBC Radio Program Daybreak South Accuses Israel Of Censoring The Press – While The Program Itself Censors Any Opposing Views

June 14, 2024

On the June 3 broadcast of the CBC radio program Daybreak South, host Chris Walker featured a segment on: “Press Freedom in Gaza.”

He began by saying that the Hamas-Israel war is not just a war on the ground, but “it’s also an information war. Government restrictions and media self-censorship mean the realities of what’s happening in Gaza are often not being seen in Israel.“ He stated his radical opinion –  that the Israeli government is censoring its media – as fact. He then offered a forum to two voices that support his opinion: Anat Saragusti and Jodie Ginsburg.

Anat Saragusti is the Press Freedom Director for the Union of Journalists in Israel and former director of B’Tselem USA. B’Tselem is an Israeli NGO that accuses Israel of apartheid. In alleging that the Israeli public is not seeing what is happening in Gaza, she claimed during the interview that “the IDF doesn’t allow any journalists to enter Gaza in the places that Israel controls…so what happens is that every journalist who wants to get into Gaza goes in embedded in an army unit. The IDF spokesperson decides… and all that is subject to military censorship.”

That an Israeli journalist would like to waltz into Gaza without a military escort describes someone with a death wish. The IDF is currently tasked with dismantling Hamas’s terrorist infrastructure that allowed them to invade Israel on October 7 and bestially massacre 1,200 innocents and take hundreds of captives. The IDF is constantly on the lookout for signs of the 120 captives that Hamas still holds, both dead and alive. Allowing further individuals – press or otherwise – to enter Gaza “freely” or “independently” would be risking further casualties and hostages.

Additionally it seems obvious that during a war, military censorship is needed for national security, especially when privy to the army’s movements. Presenting all of this as examples of general Israeli censorship is fictionalizing the facts.

Walker’s second guest was Jodie Ginsburg. She is the Chief Executive of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). Early on, she alleged that 107 journalists have been killed since October 7, and that 102 of those are Palestinians killed by Israeli forces.

Walker allowed Ginsburg’s assertion to go unquestioned. In fact, between a third and a half of these so-called journalists have known connections with Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Both organizations are banned as terrorist organizations in Canada. In fact, recently rescued Israeli hostages were held captive in the home of a Palestinian “journalist” – Abdallah Aljamalm who was a Hamas operative, not someone deserving of protection for being a ‘member of the Press’. The CPJ clearly disagrees.

Ginsburg continued to say, “…you go to report on a hospital and a hospital may be attacked, you go to report on a refugee camp and a refugee camp may be attacked…” Walker’s silence in the face of this assertion is astounding. Hamas’s core strategy of hiding behind its civilians in hospitals, civilian areas, schools, homes, and UN buildings is well documented. Yes, Gaza is a dangerous place. That’s because Hamas makes it so. Yet Walker allowed Ginsburg to blame Israel yet again.

Ginsburg’s bias continued. Speaking of Israel, she said that “they’ve introduced new legislation that allows them to ban foreign media outlets and they’ve done so with Al Jazeera.” She portrayed this as part of Israel’s media censorship. The truth is that Al Jazeera is a mouthpiece of Hamas. Al Jazeera was found by the Tel Aviv District Court Judge to be harming national security, citing examples of their posting videos showing how to damage an Israeli tank, sharing the positions of Israeli troops, and more. Yet Ginsburg and Walker would offer up Israeli security on the altar of free speech – as a gift to Hamas.

Yet one truth snuck in. Saragusti mentioned that “in other parts of Gaza, what we have is Palestinian journalists who may be subject to Hamas control,” and Ginsburg said, “we are entirely reliant on the Gazan journalists to bring us that information.” Playing dot-to-dot draws a picture in which the news from Gaza has one source, Hamas, and it is one with genocidal intent against Israel. Yet this trio relies on it.

Walker, on behalf of the CBC, has done a wonderful job of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ in a segment on censorship. He has censored his content, ensuring his listeners have no access to what is really going on in Israel. He has neither queried nor offered alternate views and through him, the CBC has effectively offered their listeners unfettered access to Hamas’s propaganda. Funded, of course, by the Canadian taxpayer.


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