CBC Radio Program Day 6 Features Doctor Accusing Israel Of “Genocide” And “War Against Babies”

February 28, 2024

Another day, another CBC radio segment defaming Israel with disinformation.

On February 23, Day 6, a CBC radio program which has been the subject of multiple HonestReporting Canada alerts, a segment was broadcast, “Canadian doctors bear witness to life in Rafah as aid dries up,” which featured Fozia Alvi, a Calgary physician who had recently returned from working in the Gaza Strip.

Alvi is also the founder of Humanity Auxilium, a US-based registered charity which claims to “ provide humanitarian aid —food, medicine, and general relief— to those in need,” and on its website, erases Israel and replaces it with the word ‘Palestine.’

In the broadcast, Alvi spoke for more than three minutes about her recent trip to Gaza, detailing the humanitarian situation in the coastal territory.

Before long, however, Alvi began making comments that could only be described as outlandish and fallacious.

In her remarks, Alvi referred to “small babies” and children “who survived the…sniper shots,” suggesting that Israel was deliberately targeting small children for murder, a scandalous comment that she did not even bother to attempt to support with any evidence.

Alvi, who not once acknowledged the presence of tens of thousands of Hamas combatants throughout the Gaza Strip, or the terrorist group’s continued holding of more than 100 Israeli hostages in the territory, ended her comments by saying that “I strongly urge and plead with our governments to immediately call for a ceasefire.”

Hamas, a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization, has made its position clear that ceasefire or not, it will never waver from its ultimate goal: the violent destruction of Israel. In fact, a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was in place before October 7, when thousands of Hamas terrorists rampaged throughout southern Israel, murdering, torturing, raping, and kidnapping as many innocent people as they could find.

Consequently, even if a ceasefire was signed between Israel and Hamas, it would change nothing, only providing a temporary pause until Hamas next decided it was an opportune time to attack Israel and massacre as many civilians as possible.

But it was not Hamas which Alvi called genocidal, it was Israel, a liberal democratic state which has taken unprecedented steps to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza, including actively providing warning in advance of Israeli strikes.

“It was just purely genocide,” Alvi said, adding that “this is truly a war against babies, this is a war against children, this is a war against women.”

As is the case with the anti-Israel movement at large, in her comments, Alvi substituted rhetoric for facts, not once deigning to provide evidence for her irresponsible comments.

Scandalously, in calling Israel’s counter-terrorism operations against Hamas “a war against women,” Alvi grotesquely turns reality on its head.

During its October 7 massacre, Hamas – a misogynistic organization which instituted wide restrictions on the rights of women in Gaza – widely used rape and other sexual crimes as part of its war crimes. Huge numbers of testimonies tell of abuses so horrific by Hamas terrorists, they are difficult to comprehend.

As Israel’s envoy to Canada has pointed out, the war can end immediately if Hamas returns its hostages and surrenders its leaders. By choosing not to do so, it has consciously decided to perpetuate the war.

Fozia Alvi’s comments on the CBC radio program Day 6, where she accused Israel of committing genocide in Gaza, were little more than irresponsible anti-Israel propaganda masquerading as the insights of a medical professional.


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