CBC Radio Interviews Oxfam Canada Staffer Who Blames Israel For Closing Aid Crossing Into Gaza – Ignoring Hamas’ Deadly Attack On That Crossing

The Journalistic Standards and Practices at the CBC claim that, “At the very core are the most fundamental principles of who we are as journalists and as a public broadcaster: Accuracy. Fairness. Balance. Impartiality. And integrity.”

Yet, on the May 7 broadcast on CBC Radio at 4:23pm in the afternoon, the CBC anchor discussing the Hamas-Israel war left these values behind. After noting Israel’s taking control of the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, she pivoted to interview Erin Kiley, Director of International Programs at Oxfam Canada, on the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

The CBC’s host said: “The Israeli military says it’s taking control of and shut down the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. It is a critical entry point for humanitarian aid to enter the territory and it’s happening as delicate diplomatic efforts to secure a new cease-fire continue. For more on the humanitarian situation in Rafah we’ve reached Erin Kylie, she is the Director of International programs for Oxfam Canada.”

No context was provided about the border closure event, no ‘balance’; not even referencing Israel’s reasons for closing the Rafah crossing. ‘Fairness’ was also compromised. In actuality, the IDF perspective is that there was, “intelligence information that terrorists were using the crossing area for terror purposes.” Indeed, in their focused, limited operation, Israeli forces killed twenty Hamas gunmen and found three significant tunnel shafts. CBC’s anchor didn’t see fit to provide her listeners with that information. One can’t help but question the ‘integrity’ of this broadcast.

Additionally, the CBC’s host provided no context. The war began on October 7 when Hamas invaded Israel’s border towns in a coordinated attack, shooting, burning, raping and beheading 1200 innocent Israelis. They also took 240 hostages, 132 of whom remain in captivity, including women and children. Hamas’ leadership has promised such events will continue until Israel is exterminated.

However, Oxfam’s Erin Kiley has the luxury of seeing the events purely in terms of aid to Gaza. Their country is not under threat of extermination. The duo discussed at length the situation in Gaza, particularly in Rafah, and the need for humanitarian aid. Erin Kiley said: “Yes, very concerned both Rafah and the Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel and Gaza have been closed since Sunday and we’re also hearing that even the movement of people has been affected. Before this conflict, there was 500 trucks a day moving into Gaza with assistance”

The implication was that Israel is the cause of the lack of humanitarian aid going into Gaza. As is now usual in the pro-’Palestinian’ narrative, the perpetrator-victim relationship has been manually inverted, allowing denial of Hamas’ culpability.

The Kerem Shalom crossing is the main humanitarian aid crossing into Gaza and had been closed because Hamas had targeted it on May 5 in an attack that killed four Israeli soldiers. This behaviour by Hamas seems unlikely to maximize the aid reaching the Gazans.

There are more food trucks entering Gaza on a daily basis today than were entering before October 7, a fact that Kiley ignored completely.

Extensive evidence demonstrates that, despite this huge amount of aid entering Gaza, much of it is stolen, including by staff at UNRWA, the disgraced United Nations agency, according to a recent investigative report.

However, this CBC broadcast did not mention any of the local impediments to accessing the aid that is brought in. They just imply that Israel is responsible for the totality of the problem.

Additionally, Kiley alleged that “no humanitarian assistance (is) going in and no goods.” This is blatantly untrue. On the date of the broadcast alone, 60 aid trucks were transferred via the Erez crossing alone. The CBC’s host did not provide any facts or questioning to ‘balance’ to her assertions.

The CBC has done it again. It has presented an utterly one-sided view of the Hamas-Israel war, with no attempt at all at fairness, balance and impartiality. In so doing it leaves behind the CBC’s own Journalistic Standards and joins forces with Hamas to further their narrative.


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