CBC Radio Features Fawning Interview With Palestinian “Artist” Accused Of Glorifying Terrorism

April 26, 2024

In an April 19 broadcast of All in a Day, a CBC radio show based in Ottawa, host Alan Neal spoke with Rehab Nazzal, a Palestinian-Canadian photographer who has been accused of glorifying Palestinian terrorism with her work.

The 13 minute-long segment entitled: “Driving in Palestine: A decade-long trip across the occupied West Bank,” featured a discussion between Neal and Nazzal about the latter’s photography exhibit being held at SAW, an art gallery in Ottawa which receives municipal, provincial and federal funding.

During the interview, Neal sounded more like a wide-eyed fan, asking fawning questions of his guest, not once pushing back against her absurd allegations.

Play the full segment below:

The conversation centred around one of Nazzal’s exhibits featuring photographs of Israeli checkpoints in Judea & Samaria (described as the “West Bank” by the media), with Nazzal referring to them as a “settler colonial project” that has little military aim, saying “it is not really surveillance,” but primarily about intimidation of Palestinians.

At no time did Neal ever challenge his guest about the security needs surrounding Israel’s checkpoints, namely to prevent violent Palestinian terrorists from entering Israel, despite Nazzal on two occasions referring to more security measures being implemented “since October,” with no mention of Hamas’ October 7 massacres which precipitated the need for additional safety measures.

During the segment, Nazzal falsely referred to “roads for Jewish-only colonists in the West Bank,” a demonstrable lie which ignores that Israeli roads are accessible to all Israelis, Jews and Arabs alike, regardless of religion.

Rather than providing any factual context for listeners about Israel’s security precautions in Judea & Samaria to prevent Palestinian terrorism, not once did Neal utter the words “terrorism,” “Hamas,” or any related term, instead giving undeserved credibility to his guest, including Neal referring to a “particularly horrific checkpoint.”

Nazzal is not a newcomer to disseminating anti-Israel propaganda.

In 2014, she became the source of controversy when an exhibit of hers was held at Ottawa’s city hall, which featured photographic portraits of so-called “assassinated Palestinian figures…lost artists, writers and leaders,” but which also included portraits of “members of armed Palestinian groups implicated in deadly atrocities against civilians,” according to a Macleans article at the time.

Among the portraits in Nazzal’s exhibit was Dalal Mughrabi, who participated in the 1978 Coastal Road massacre in Israel, where Palestinian terrorists murdered 38 Israeli civilians, including 10 children, making it the deadliest mass killing in Israel until October 7, 2023.

Incredibly, despite Nazzal’s checkered past, she was honoured with a postdoctoral fellowship at Montreal’s Concordia University in 2022.

This latest broadcast is also not the first time Alan Neal has used his platform to interview a stridently anti-Israel activist with no challenge.

On October 17, 2023, Neal hosted Sam Hersh, a member of the fanatically anti-Israel group Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), an organization which has endorsed Palestinian violence.

In that segment, Hersh made manifold baseless statements, including one remark where he repeated the false allegation that Israel bombed a Gaza hospital, killing “hundreds of people,” to no challenge or critique from his host.

The April 19 segment of All in a Day featured anti-Israel activist Rehab Nazzal who has previously been accused of glorifying Palestinian terrorism and who was given an extended platform to propagate anti-Israel disinformation. For his part, CBC host Alan Neal gave an obsequious interview.


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