CBC Ottawa Radio Program Features Hardline Anti-Israel Doctor Yipeng Ge To Spread Misinformation Without Any Challenge

February 29, 2024

On February 26, the CBC radio program Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan featured controversial Ottawa resident physician Yipeng Ge in a discussion about a recent visit of his to the Gaza Strip.

Ge visited Gaza as part of Humanity Auxilium, a US-based organization which claims to “provide humanitarian aid…to those in need,” and whose website erases Israel and replaces it with ‘Palestine,” and whose founder, Fozia Alvi, just three days earlier was the guest on a different CBC radio program, where she accused Israel of genocide.

In the segment, running just under 10 minutes long, “Ottawa doctor on what he witnessed working in Rafah,” made fabricated claims about Israel’s conduct in Gaza, including the comment that Israel was carrying out a “systematic campaign and tactics to forcibly starve the population in Rafah, in Gaza as a whole.”

At no time during the conversation did Ge mention the extensive humanitarian aid, including medicine and food, that has been delivered into the Gaza Strip. To date, tens of thousands of trucks with aid, as well as extensive air drops, have been sent into the enclave.

Ge’s selective omission of such aid deliveries comes as little surprise, given his virulent anti-Israel activism.

In the fall of 2023, after the Hamas-instigated war began, Ge extensively shared anti-Israel content on his personal account on X (formerly Twitter).

Most notably, some of his posts included the phrase “from the river to the sea,” a reference to the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea, which is an overt call for the destruction of Israel.

As Ottawa physician Yoni Freedhoff documented, Ge ‘liked’ a tweet on October 7 from noted anti-Israel activist Mohammed El-Kurd which justified Hamas’ bloodthirsty massacre as a “response” to Israeli policies in the Gaza Strip.

As a result of the ensuing controversy, Ge’s medical residency was suspended by the University of Ottawa, and rather than taking responsibility for his reckless comments on social media, Ge attempted to frame himself as a victim, telling Bresnahan that there is a “manifestation of anti-Palestinian” sentiment in universities.

For her part, Bresnahan told listeners that Ge was “suspended” by the University of Ottawa, without specifying any details.

Following Ge’s comments accusing Israel of starving Gaza, Bresnahan could have challenged his irresponsible and baseless claims, and instead pointed out the huge amounts of international aid, or widespread reports of Hamas theft of those deliveries. She could have also reminded listeners that Israel has publicly stated that there is “no limit” to the amount of aid that could be sent into Gaza, if the United Nations (UN) and Egypt coordinate to help ensure more shipments.

But she did not. Instead, as Ge spoke to Bresnahan, there was a long pause, followed by the host saying, sounding as if she was almost crying, “I don’t know how to respond to what you’ve just described.”

During the interview, not only did Ge falsely state that “Aid and resources are not being let in,” and argued that Gazans “also need a ceasefire.”

Predictably, not once did Ge ever mention Hamas’ vast presence in Gaza, which prior to the war included tens of thousands of active fighters. Nor did Bresnahan ask him about that, and with such a silence, listeners were left with the false impression that Israel is wantonly bombing Gazan civilians, seemingly for no purpose at all, and in the absence of Hamas.

Accompanying the radio program was a news article, “Sanctioned U of O doctor describes harrowing conditions in Rafah after humanitarian trip,” where author Benjamin Lopez Steven recapped the interview between Ge and Bresnahan.

Though Steven gave more details on Ge, it still fell short of telling the full story, writing that Ge was “suspended by the university over pro-Palestinian social media posts,” when his social media activity could be far better described as hostile and anti-Israel.

In November, Ge also signed an open letter falsely accusing Israel of “genocide,” all while making no mention of Hamas or the terror group’s hostages.

The Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan radio program featuring hardline anti-Israel commentator Yipeng Ge gave him a lengthy platform to spread anti-Israel disinformation, all while providing no challenge whatsoever.


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