CBC News Windsor Quotes Exclusively Anti-Israel Activists, Ignores All Criticism Of Fringe Anti-Israel Campus Occupations

June 11, 2024

Imagine a criminal breaking into a house, uninvited, and refusing to leave, then demanding concessions from the homeowner before agreeing to leave.

Such a move would be rightly called illegal, arrogant and presumptuous, and that is exactly the attitude presented by anti-Israel campus occupiers on a number of universities across North America.

While it is their right to be arrogant and presumptuous, it is scandalous that CBC News, Canada’s publicly-funded broadcaster, has decided – time and time again – to legitimize these anti-Israel mobs, presenting them as if they were respectable members of society, and not illegal occupiers.

In a June 3 article for CBC News entitled: “UWindsor president meets with pro-Palestinian encampment leaders for the 1st time,” reporter Jennifer La Grassa covered a tiny anti-Israel occupation at the University of Windsor, in at least the fourth article CBC News has reported on this miniscule group of demonstrators.

In this latest play-by-play of this occupation – which appears to number some 15 participants total out of more than 30,000 students at the University of Windsor – La Grassa extensively quoted protesters who are bemoaning the lack of supposed “good faith” that the university administration has shown them.

It goes without saying that the administration, like a homeowner whose domicile has been invaded by a mob in the middle of the night, owes no “good faith” to this motley crew of anti-Israel protesters.

In providing background to readers about the scourge of campus occupations, La Grassa wrote that “encampments similar to this have been set up at universities across Canada and the United States, with the groups largely demanding that their academic institutions disclose and divest any investments that benefit Israel.”

While accurate, this description leaves out a towering element of the demonstrations that has made them so particularly controversial. One of the most common characteristics of the occupations have been the frequent violence, harassment, intimidation, hate speech as well as glorification and praise for Islamic terrorism.

Video footage shows university faculty and students being forcibly prevented from accessing areas of campus by masked anti-Israel goons, physically stopping them from passing through.

Such disturbing scenes, paired with the passive acceptance of the occupations by many university administrations outside of Alberta, where the encampments were promptly taken down by police, has led to most Canadians growing opposed to their existence.

However, none of these appalling incidents on various campuses merited even a passing mention by La Grassa. Indeed, not a single opponent or critic of the campus occupations was quoted in the article. And while La Grassa noted that “CBC News reached out to the University of Windsor asking for an interview with president Robert Gordon following the meeting,” that does not exempt CBC News from finding, or at the bare minimum acknowledging, the widespread consensus of Canadians who oppose the hate mobs. The June 3 article for CBC News by Jennifer La Grassa, in quoting exclusively anti-Israel activists and failing to provide any background on the anti-Israel campus occupations, further contributed to the widespread sympathetic whitewashing of a largely violent and hateful movement.


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