CBC News Reporter Gives Unfettered Platform To Protester Denying Israel’s Right To Exist

October 10, 2023

On the afternoon of Tuesday, October 9, a group of anti-Israel demonstrators rallied at Toronto’s City Hall, chanting “free free Palestine” and burning bloodied Israeli flags.

One of the reporters covering the rally was Idil Mussa, a senior reporter with CBC News, who filed a report on the demonstration.

In her broadcast, Mussa gave an extended platform to one demonstrator who claimed that Israel has been occupying the Palestinians for “70 years.” The reference to 70 years presumably refers to 1948, or the 75 years since Israel proclaimed its independence. Put another way, the demonstrator was referring to the entirety of Israel as an illegal and illegitimate state. Tragically, his rhetoric denying Israel’s right to exist was not challenged once by Mussa.

As part of her report, Mussa told viewers that “hundreds of deaths” have taken place “on both sides.” While Mussa said that “Israel continues to pound” the Gaza Strip, her description of the Hamas mega terrorist attack on October 7 was far less dramatic, preferring to refer to it as “Hamas’ strike.”

Barely 48 hours after Hamas, the medieval Islamist terrorist group based in Gaza and dedicated to the destruction of Israel, murdered 900+ innocent Israeli men, women and children for no other crime beyond being Jewish and living in Israel, a reporter for Canada’s public broadcaster is already comparing the Jewish State and those who seek to utterly eradicate it.

While it is true that “hundreds of deaths” have taken place “on both sides,” she provided no background whatsoever on the makeup of those deaths. In Israel, they were innocent civilians inside Israel on a Saturday morning, who were gunned down and murdered in their homes and in the streets, including hundreds of people at an outdoor music rave. Conversely, at least many hundreds of the Palestinian deaths were the Hamas perpetrators of the terrorist attack, but by failing to state this, Mussa drew no distinction between terrorists and their victims.

While Israel has never targeted innocents, the same cannot be said for Hamas. The Islamist terrorist group has long targeted innocent Israelis for maim and murder, whether via suicide bomb attacks, stabbing attacks against random pedestrians, rocket attacks fired into Israeli cities, or this most recent mega attack.

Ghoulishly, Hamas has now warned that if Israel does not cease its self-defence in Gaza, it will begin executing the more than 100 estimated Israeli hostages it kidnapped during its attack on October 7.

The estimated death toll in Israel of 900+ – which is likely to grow – is already the deadliest attack against Jews since the Holocaust. And yet, barely two days after Hamas’ indescribable assault, a reporter from CBC News is already drawing virtually no distinction between terrorist and victim, guilty and innocent.

Over the last day, there have been a number of other instances of CBC news reports failing to fulfill even the most basic due diligence in their coverage. Both Mussa’s verbiage, as well as the unfettered platform she gave to an extremist voice denying Israel’s right to exist were extraordinarily inappropriate and far below the calibre expected of any news outlet in Canada, let alone a taxpayer-funded one.


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