CBC News Publishes Two Back-To-Back Articles For Anti-Israel Activists At Western University, Effectively Giving Free Advertising

July 10, 2024

If an anti-Israel protest happened and CBC News was not there to cover it, did it really happen?

It seems that Canada’s taxpayer-funded broadcaster is leaving nothing to chance on that front as it continues its relentless coverage of small anti-Israel demonstrations on select university campuses.

In a July 8 article by Matthew Trevithick entitled: “’This is not the end’: Pro-Palestinian protesters vow continued pressure on Western to divest,” the CBC’s journalist reported that even after an anti-Israel occupation on the Western University campus in London, Ontario was taken down, “members and supporters of a pro-Palestinian group behind a recent on-campus encampment say Western University should expect ongoing pressure to meet divestment demands, including through vigils and rallies.”

If readers thought that the article would be anything more than a rehashing of chest-thumping by local anti-Israel activists, still smarting from their recent surrender on campus, they would be sorely mistaken.

The article quoted four individuals associated with the illegal anti-Israel occupation, each one attempting to frame the demonstration’s failure as something of a success, despite having nothing to show for their eight-week ongoing protest.

Never missing an opportunity to platform a member of the Jewish community hostile to Israel, CBC News quoted Ilana Guslits of Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), an organization that has expressed support for acts of violence against Israelis, and which remains on the extreme fringes of the Jewish community.

The July 8 article is a close facsimile of another article penned by the same author only one day previously for CBC News.

In the July 7 article entitled: “Protesters remove Western encampment, but say divestment calls will continue,” Trevithick quoted a local anti-Israel group, the ‘Western Divestment Coalition,’ as saying that “we will not give up or give in until Western abides by the ethical investment standards it claims to uphold, and exemplifies its commitment to decolonization beyond empty public statements.”

Despite the bravado expressed by the ‘Western Divestment Coalition,’ the harsh truth is that the Western University occupation, like others which took place on other Canadian university campuses, were utter failures at achieving any of their stated goals, even as protesters had vowed not to decamp until their demands were met, namely the divestment by university administrations in companies tied to Israel.

If engaging in positive thinking and speech can help ease the sting from their crushing failures, then it is entirely within the rights of anti-Israel activists to do just that. But it is unclear why CBC News has decided that it is the job of Canada’s publicly-funded broadcaster to give these marginal groups a platform for their self-affirmations, and to present it as news, when such dialogue instead would far better belong in the room of a qualified therapist.

The July 8 article in CBC News by reporter Matthew Trevithick is not only materially indistinguishable from another article he penned one day prior, but it is nothing more than providing yet another platform for empty rhetoric from a small group of anti-Israel activists.


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