CBC News Portrays Israel As Ruthless Censor Of Media Freedoms, Completely Ignoring Hamas In Gaza

According to a well-known joke, a police officer sees a drunk man searching for something under a street lamp, and asks the man what he lost. The man says he lost his keys, and the officer asks him where he lost it. The man says “in the park,” so the officer asks why he is looking under the streetlamp, and the man says “this is where the light is.”

That quirk of human nature – to look for something, not where it is likely to be, but where it is easiest to look – is consequently called the streetlight effect.

A recent article for CBC News by Senior Writer Nick Logan reflects this cognitive bias perfectly.

In his May 30 article entitled: “As press freedoms decline in Israel, people there see the war differently from the rest of the world,” Logan reported on the Israeli government’s “limiting of press freedoms amid the war in Gaza” and “the Israeli government’s attempts to control information.”

Citing recent events, including the banning of Qatar-based Al Jazeera from operating in Israel, Logan framed Israel as a ruthless censor of media freedoms, quoting exclusively sources who agree with that particular outlook.

Throughout Logan’s lengthy article lamenting Israel’s supposed assaults on press freedom, Hamas, the genocidal Islamic terrorist organization with whom Israel is fighting, merits only the tiniest of mentions, and is acknowledged only twice, in one sentence.

Rather than giving context on Israel’s comparatively high ranking in a global index of press freedom, scoring the highest in the region, Logan fixated exclusively on Israel.

Logan wrote that “both foreign and Israeli journalists are prohibited from entering Gaza without strictly controlled military embeds, while Palestinian journalists risk death to document what’s happening on the ground.”

With his clever wording, it is thus implied that “Palestinian journalists” are risking their lives trying to document news from Gaza, when in reality, it is Hamas, a fanatical terrorist organization, which exerts a clear intimidation of reporters who dare to broadcast or write any unfavourable content.

While Logan offers nary a word about Hamas, which has admitted to intimidating foreign journalists who dared to report the “wrong” message” in war, instead it is easier for Logan to find Israeli critics of the Israeli government to quote for his article.

Logan’s problematic reporting extends further, when he wrote that “more than 100 Palestinian journalists have been killed so far in Israel’s eight-month offensive, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).”

While the CPJ does make such a claim, Logan simply repeated their unverified assertion, misleadingly presenting it as if it were true. In fact, scores of the supposed “journalists” were active combatants with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) according to investigations which Logan chooses to ignore completely.

Logan, apparently unaware of the irony in freely quoting Israeli sources criticizing their country’s supposed assault on press freedoms, would find it extraordinarily difficult to find a Gaza-based journalist criticizing Hamas under their real name. In fact, it is almost certainly an impossible endeavour.

The article also quoted +972 Magazine, a left-of-centre Israeli publication which aggressively opposes many Israeli government policies, and which Logan wrote obtained key information based on a freedom-of-information request, a key plank of Israel’s liberal democratic values of transparency.

Given the extensive and existential threats facing Israel, the country has reasonably taken actions to ensure that sensitive information is protected relating to its efforts to protect itself, a point that is largely brushed over in Logan’s report.

Nick Logan has been the subject of multiple HonestReporting Canada alerts for his selective reporting, including previously ignoring claims of “journalists” in Gaza being involved in terrorism and downplaying Palestinian terrorism.

In his latest article, Nick Logan fixed his crosshairs on Israel’s supposed crackdown on press freedom, all while utterly ignoring the criminal and widespread threats imposed on journalists in Gaza by Hamas.


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