CBC News Montreal Parrots Multiple Anti-Israel Talking Points, Including Moral Equivocation Between Israeli Victims & Hamas Terrorists

October 9, 2023

On October 8, CBC Montreal published an online news article which sought to give a local perspective on the Hamas terror war against Israel.

The piece, “Jewish, Palestinian Montrealers anxiously follow developments in Hamas-Israel conflict,” interviewed a number of Montrealers, both Israeli and Palestinian, about their personal experiences and connections to the Middle East.

But what began with that simple focus soon veered off track, and became host to multiple anti-Israel lines of disinformation.

At one point, the article informed readers that “According to Israeli media reports, around 700 people there have been killed over the weekend; Palestinian officials report around 400 people killed in Gaza.”

While that sentence at first glance seems unproblematic, in reality, it represents an equivocation between Israeli deaths as a result of the unprovoked Hamas assault, and the 400 deaths in Gaza, hundreds of which were Hamas and other Palestinian terror group operatives targeted by Israel. It is akin to listing the hijackers of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the final tally of victims, and also totally ignores Hamas’ well-documented use of human shields.

Unfortunately, that was not the extent of the article’s problems.

The article quoted Rama Al Malah, an attendee at an anti-Israel demonstration in Montreal, who told CBC that “We’re just here honestly to support our people back home, our people in Gaza, our people in the West Bank —everywhere in Palestine — who have been expelled from their homes and oppressed for the past 75 years.”

While CBC cannot be held accountable for the false or even hateful things said by attendees at a rally, it can be held accountable for giving them a platform, and an unchallenged one.

The Gaza Strip has not been occupied by Israel for more than 18 years, since the Jewish State forcibly withdrew all its citizens from the enclave in what became known as the Disengagement from Gaza.

As for Palestinians in Judea & Samaria (often called the West Bank by news media outlets), their leadership, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has refused to negotiate in good faith with Israel, continues to funnel huge sums of money towards Palestinian terrorists and their families, and publish heinous antisemitic propaganda on official media outlets. The Palestinian leadership could have achieved a Palestinian state decades ago had it accepted Israels’ famously generous 2000 Camp David offer, but it continues to prefer the status quo rather than achieving a Palestinian state.

While Al Malah shared sympathy for “our people in Gaza,” quickly pivoting to blaming Israel, it is Hamas, the medieval Islamist terrorist group which butchered hundreds of Israeli civilians and abducted well over 100 more, which is responsible for the suffering endured by civilians inside the Gaza Strip.

The news article continues by telling readers that “The United Nations says the state of Israel was established over seven decades ago, resulting in the displacement of 700,000 Palestinians.”

This statement, while partially true, is entirely misleading. It is accurate that following Israel’s proclamation of independence in 1948, hundreds of thousands of Arabs left the newly reborn Jewish State. But the much-needed context is that it was Arab leaders who actively cajoled, threatened and encouraged members of the Arab community to flee Israel, expecting that they would be able to return back to the country once Israel was destroyed, as was the expectation.

“Fouad Sahyoun, another Montrealer of Palestinian origin, told Radio-Canada that the attack from Hamas fighters was predictable,” the article read, before directly quoting him as saying that “We can’t continue to live in Gaza in an open-sky prison completely surrounded on all four corners with a population of 2.5 million who are living in a lamentable state.”

This tacit justification of Hamas terrorism is reprehensible, and factually incorrect. Israel does not surround Gaza on four sides; Gaza’s southwest boundary is shared with Egypt, and is entirely uncontrolled by Israel.

More importantly, even if Israel did surround Gaza entirely with a fence, given the heart-wrenching scenes of massacres in Israel over the weekend, Israel’s security concerns have been clearly validated. Additionally, no facts could possibly justify the mass murder of hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians, though Sahyoun’s quote clearly suggests that they had it coming.

While CBC News cannot control the hateful statements made by anti-Israel activists, it can and must refuse to give a platform to them, and even if it must, it is duty-bound to give context so readers are not given repugnant lies masquerading as personal opinions.


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