CBC News Edmonton Devotes Entire News Article To Couple Dozen Anti-Israel Protesters & Uncritically Repeats Their Disinformation

CBC’s breathless news coverage of fringe protests on some university campuses continues unabated.

On July 3, CBC News Edmonton published a news article entitled: “Palestinian students, academics killed in Gaza mourned in honorary graduation in Edmonton,” written by reporter Mrinali Anchan.

Anchan’s article reported that a small group of anti-Israel activists at Edmonton’s Grant MacEwan University had organized a protest on campus commemorating supposed “Palestinian students and academics” killed during the Hamas-Israel war in Gaza.

It is unclear why CBC News determined that a program hosted by a couple dozen members of a local anti-Israel group merited a lengthy news article, but the report itself was rife with problems.

In the article, Anchan gratuitously wrote that “In April, special rapporteurs with the United Nations expressed deep concern over the potential for ‘scholasticide’ in Gaza.”

The doomsday statement from those supposed experts, among them the fanatically anti-Israel Francesca Albanese, was unsurprisingly never countered by any context by Anchan about Israel’s counter-terrorism operations against Hamas in Gaza, about the length to which Jerusalem has gone to protect civilians in the coastal enclave, or how Hamas uses its own people as human shields.

Instead, Anchan’s article was a de facto press release for the pro-Palestinian campaign, parroting Hamas propaganda by writing that “Israeli ground offensives and bombardments have killed more than 37,900 people in Gaza,” attributing that to “the territory’s Health Ministry.”

That so-called “Health Ministry” is a full-fledged branch of the genocidal Islamic terrorist organization Hamas, which does not distinguish between combatants and civilians, and whose numbers cannot be seen as trustworthy or legitimate, but once again, Anchan left all of those pertinent details out of her report.

Anchan quoted one anti-Israel activist, Abraar Alsilwadi, as making the false and ridiculous accusation of “genocide that has been perpetrated” in Gaza.

Following Alsilwadi’s reckless and disingenuous claim of genocide, Anchan could have offered context about the United Nations definition of genocide, and how Israel’s actions do not even remotely fit that description, but instead she allowed Alsilwadi’s outlandish charges to stand completely unchallenged.

Despite offering the anti-Israel protesters extensive opportunities to peddle their falsehoods, not once did Anchan provide even a single word of context or balance from anyone with an opposing view. Such an omission is critical, for in a topic as divisive as the Hamas-Israel war, CBC News bears a journalistic duty to be more than a stenographer for local anti-Israel protesters.

As one lecturer in journalism had taught, “If someone says it’s raining & another person says it’s dry, it’s not your job to quote them both. Your job is to look out of the f**king window and find out which is true.” Perhaps that lesson ought to be re-taught at CBC News.

Anchan’s article is hardly anomalous at CBC News. In recent weeks, the broadcaster has become little more than a publicity arm for tiny anti-Israel protests taking place, with the public broadcaster giving extensive coverage to marginal groups in Waterloo, Winnipeg, St. John’s, Newfoundland, and elsewhere, even when the cumulative number of these protesters across Canada could easily fit into a single university lecture hall.


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