CBC News Article Downplays Israeli Aid Into Gaza, Exclusively Quoting Anti-Israel Voices

March 8, 2024

In yet another instance of CBC News uncritically repeating anti-Israel misinformation and portraying it as fact, a recent article highlighting the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip repeatedly gave a platform to those accusing Israel of starving Gazans, with no data to buttress their claims.

The March 6 article entitled: “Hungry children are dying in Gaza as Israel’s chokehold on aid drives territory toward starvation,” written by Chris Brown and Mohammed El Saife, quoted “Gaza’s Health Ministry” as saying that a number of individuals have died of malnutrition at a hospital in northern Gaza.

Brown and El Saife never bother to tell readers that “Gaza’s Health Ministry” is, like all Gaza governmental apparatus, wholly operated by Hamas, the genocidal Islamic terrorist organization, and absolutely is not a legitimate or credible source of data. At the very least, readers should have been informed of the connection so they can make their own decision about the ministry’s credibility.

The authors quoted a report by UNRWA, the disgraced United Nations agency with extensive ties to Hamas and whose employees took part in the October 7 massacres, as if it was a credible organization, and not one with a long history of poisoning Palestinian school children with antisemitic hatred, allowing a Hamas tunnel to be built underneath its headquarters in Gaza, and where more than one-tenth of its Gaza staff are members of the Palestinian terrorist group.

This whitewashing of Palestinian terrorist groups continued throughout Brown and El Saife’s article.

The authors paraphrase Shaina Low, a spokesperson for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), an overtly anti-Israel organization which has been continually platformed by CBC, as arguing that “Israel has deliberately targeted many of the security staff and Palestinian police officers in Gaza who have accompanied aid trucks, perhaps believing them to be Hamas militants.”

Low is then quoted as saying that these members of Hamas’ police force in Gaza are “civil servants,” a ludicrous attempt to paint armed Hamas members as bureaucratic pencil-pushers, and not part of a genocidal terrorist group.

Brown and El Saife also quoted Andreas Krieg from King’s College in London, England, as claiming that “humanitarian assistance has been weaponized from Day 1.”

In reality, nearly 16,000 trucks filled with humanitarian aid have entered Gaza since the war began, totaling nearly 300,000 tonnes of aid, including food, water, medical supplies, shelter equipment, and more.

On March 6, the day the article was published, 257 trucks bearing nearly 5,200 tonnes of aid were sent into Gaza, and COGAT, the Israeli governmental arm overseeing aid deliveries.

Nowhere in the article did the authors ever acknowledge three fundamental points: Hamas’ theft of aid as it enters Gaza, robbing people of food and medicine, the group’s use of civilian infrastructure for its fighters and weapons, creating Israel’s need to inspect aid trucks as they enter, and perhaps most important, video footage from Gaza showing markets with food and people busily shopping, demonstrating that a very different reality exists outside of Hamas-approved propaganda.

There is no moral quandary in having CBC News highlight the humanitarian conditions anywhere, including in the Gaza Strip, but by providing a grossly lopsided image of events, the authors effectively misrepresented the facts on the ground.


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