CBC Manitoba Produces 23-Minute Segment For Anti-Israel Activist Attempting To Silence Critics Of Palestinian Propaganda By Labeling Them Racists

In a May 12 interview on CBC’s The Weekend Morning Show (Manitoba), host Nadia Kidwai spent nearly 23 uninterrupted minutes speaking with one of Canada’s most infamous anti-Israel activists, who attempted to frame criticism of Palestinian propaganda as tantamount to racism.

In the segment entitled: “What is anti-Palestinian racism,” host Nadia Kidwai spoke with Dania Majid, a lawyer and president of the Arab Canadian Lawyers Association, who has been regularly interviewed by mainstream media outlets.

Listen to the segment below:

Majid, who signed an open letter in late 2023 justifying Hamas’ terrorism against Israeli civilians ­– a point that never came up during the interview – was given an extended platform to spout nonsensical claims against Israel, while not being challenged a single time.

Majid claimed anti-Palestinian racism “Targets those who are Palestinian or who openly advocate for Palestinian rights in order to suppress any criticism of Israel’s decades long apartheid and occupation of Palestinian land and people.”

Incredibly, according to Majid’s definition, the targets of this supposed racism can be those who aren’t even Palestinian, a true feat.

Majid told her host that there are “Systemic forms of anti-Palestinian racism which are present in many institutions” in Canada, including “government levels, mainstream media,” apparently not recognizing the irony that she has been given widespread and uncritical media coverage by the platforms she claims are biased against Palestinians.

As evidence for the supposed “skyrocketing of anti-Palestinian racism” in Canadian society, Majid began grasping at straws.

She cited comments by British Columbia Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Selina Robinson, who accurately, if indelicately, referred to pre-state Israel as a “crappy piece of land,” to police forces in Calgary disassembling an illegal occupation of a university campus by anti-Israel activists, as examples of anti-Palestinian racism.

At no time during the lengthy broadcast did Kidwai ever challenge her guest, point out that anti-Israel encampments have been sites of violence, harassment, intimidation and support for terrorism, and that enforcing the law is not racist.

During the conversation, Majid made the eyebrow-raising claim that there have been “open calls for genocide…even among Canadian officials,” a scandalous allegation if true, but she predictably did not offer even a single example, nor was she ever asked to do so by her host.

Majid spends a significant time in the interview castigating the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, calling it a “weaponization of antisemitism” that seeks to “silence criticism of Israel,” even though the definition explicitly states the exact opposite, namely that “criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.”

On this point, Majid’s total lack of self-awareness is apparent, as she promotes a definition of anti-Palestinian racism which is little more than the attempted quashing of any voice who dares to speak out against pro-Palestinian disinformation.

Despite Majid’s laughable claims of mainstream news media’s “systemic forms of anti-Palestinian racism,” she has been recently uncritically quoted in The Toronto Star on multiple occasions, in campus media, and by CBC radio, where she was given no challenge or pushback on her attempts to silence critics.

Unlike Amanda Pfeffer, another CBC host, who saw fit to offer a “disclosure” to listeners that her father was Jewish, Kidwai, who wears a hijab, or Islamic headscarf, did not offer a similar disclosure about her Muslim faith, even though her coverage was profoundly anti-Israel.

The May 12 edition of The Weekend Morning Show (Manitoba) with Nadia Kidwai was nothing more than an extended free advertisement for radical anti-Israel activist Dania Majid, seeking to silence critics of Palestinian propaganda and labeling them racists.


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