CBC Kids News Suggests Israel Exists Due To The Holocaust, Ignoring Thousands Of Years Of Jewish History

November 9, 2023

The war between Israel and Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamic terrorist organization, features many complex elements, and any introduction to the topic, particularly for those with little context, is a worthy endeavour.

Unfortunately, CBC Kids News’ video and accompanying brief article, published on November 7 entitled: “Why the Gaza Strip is at the centre of the Israel-Hamas war,” featured many misleading details about Hamas and Israel.

In the video, Arjun Ram, CBC Kids News Contributor, sought to provide background on Israel’s rebirth in 1948, but falsely portrayed it as a symptom of the Holocaust.

“One of the challenges coming out of the war (World War Two) was to find a place for the large number of Jewish refugees displaced because of the holocaust,” Ram said, adding that Arabs opposed the United Nations Partition Plan, saying that “they wanted a Jewish homeland to be created on land where they (Jews) already lived.”

With this narrative, Ram falsely suggested that Israel’s independence in 1948, rather than being a continuation of the Jewish People’s three thousand years of presence in their historical and ancestral homeland, was instead little more than a consolation following the Holocaust, and a price exacted on the Arabs already living there. It also strongly implies that Jews were not living in Israel at that time.

In fact, in 1939, before the Holocaust began, there were already nearly half a million Jews living inside the land of Israel.

Ram later told viewers that in 1948, after Israel proclaimed its independence, “and that sparked a war.” This is a highly misleading statement about what took place 75 years ago. Israel’s proclamation of independence did not spark a war; it was Israel’s neighbouring Arab countries who decided that they could not possibly live alongside a Jewish State in their midst, and invaded the newly reborn country, seeking to destroy it.

This obfuscation about the Arab attempts to destroy Israel in 1948 would lead any viewer, and certainly children with presumably limited understanding of the history of the Middle East, to come to the false conclusion that Israel was created in 1948 to atone for the Holocaust, and that its very existence is therefore the factor behind why conflict exists in the region. In reality, it is not Israel’s existence per se, but its neighbours refusal to accept that existence, that perpetuates conflict in the region to this very day.

Later, Ram introduced viewers to the current war between Israel and Hamas, and did cite Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack as being the catalyst behind the current conflict. In one important respect, this latest CBC Kids News segment is an improvement over its previous October 30 publication that we critiqued which didn’t even mention Hamas’ initial terrorist attack. We consider CBC Kids News’ acknowledgement that Hamas was the instigator of this conflict to be an atonement for its previously failing to identify the terror group as the aggressor who initiated hostilities with its massacre of 1,400 Israelis.

Unfortunately, this latest CBC Kids News report still provides a misleading narrative surrounding the birth of Israel in 1948, suggesting that the Jewish State’s owes its existence not to thousands of years of history, or even its extensive legal rights, but rather to European guilt over the Holocaust. Those details aren’t minor; they form the crux of much of today’s anti-Israel propaganda campaigns, which seek to delegitimize Israel’s existence. Consequently, setting the record straight about Israel’s birth 75 years ago is at least as important as ensuring accuracy regarding events today.


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