CBC Kids News Article Whitewashes Hamas Terrorism, Fails To Mention October 7 Terror Attack

November 1, 2023

A CBC News primer aiming to introduce children to the complexities of the Hamas-Israel conflict failed to acknowledge that the current war began with Hamas’ terrorist attack on October 7.

CBC Kids News’ article entitled: “Looking at history to understand the latest Israel-Hamas war: It can be hard making sense of what’s happening today,” published on October 30, introduced readers to the war between Israel and Hamas, writing that “Since this conflict began on Oct. 7, more than 8,300 Palestinians have been killed…In Israel, about 1,400 people have been killed, mostly civilians.”

While it is true, strictly speaking, that this current war “began on Oct. 7,” it completely whitewashed Hamas’ murderous terrorist attack which slaughtered 1,400 innocent people in southern Israel.

With the current phrasing, a child would assume that on October 7, a conflict simply broke out spontaneously.

While it is understood that an article geared towards children would avoid mentioning some of the more gruesome and horrific acts of terrorism perpetrated by Hamas against innocent Israelis, there is no justification for completely omitting the catastrophic Hamas attack – the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust – which was the undisputed catalyst of the current war.

To their credit, the article’s authors did acknowledge that Hamas has stated that “their cause is to destroy the state of Israel and create a fundamentalist Islamic state in its place,” adding that “Canada considers Hamas a terrorist organization.”

More fundamentally, however, what the CBC Kids News article failed to point out in crystal clear language is that, given Hamas’ repeatedly stated goal of destroying Israel through violent means, there is no possible road of negotiation, mediation or middle ground that could ever quench Hamas’ thirst for Jewish blood.

Following CBC News’ indefensible policy of refusing to use the word terrorist in relation to Hamas, the CBC Kids News article described Hamas as a “Palestinian militant group,” adding that “a militant group often uses aggressive or violent actions in support of a cause.”

This milquetoast description of Hamas is ultimately worse than if the article had said nothing at all. To describe Hamas as using “aggressive or violent actions in support of a cause” is akin to describing the September 11 terrorist attacks as a series of airplane crashes – true, but exceptionally misleading.

Hamas doesn’t just use “aggressive or violent actions;” by design, it intentionally targets innocent Israeli men, women and children, marking them for death and injury. Hamas leaders see no difference whatsoever between military and civilian targets, and on October 7, Hamas didn’t just kill innocent civilians; extensive evidence, including footage and testimonials have confirmed that the group brutally tortured, raped and even mutilated the bodies of Israelis.

While an article meant for children would clearly not engage in a detailed description of Hamas’ crimes against humanity, by failing to even mention the group’s initial terrorist attack, let alone the innocent people it purposefully targeted, and Hamas’ longtime murder of innocent civilians, CBC News Kids did a tremendous disservice to the next generation of young Canadians.

This, of course, is not an isolated incident. HonestReporting Canada previously critiqued a CBC Kids News report of spreading misinformation against Israel in 2021.

With respect to this report on October 30 and by way of selective omission, CBC Kids News not only failed to educate young readers on the true face of Hamas or its methods, the article effectively whitewashed the genocidal Islamist terrorist organization.


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